Hard loss for Portland: Damian Lillard will be out for six weeks after having surgery

Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Damian Lillard, the star of the Portland Trail Blazers, had surgery for an abdominal injury and will miss at least the next six weeks of competition.

The Blazers detailed this Thursday that, after this passage through Lillard’s operating room, the team’s doctors they will assess the player’s situation within six weeks.

Is about a pain in the abdominal area that the player had dragged during the last four seasons until now he has decided to put an end to it.

“There is no point in continuing to do this the way when I was doing it,” he told the Blazers’ website.

“It’s like taking a step back to take several steps forward. This is what had to happen,” he added.

These abdominal problems had affected his production on the pitch since Lillard this year has his worst statistics since the 2014-2015 season.

In the 29 games he played before surgery, Lillard had 24 points (40.2% from the field, 32.4% from triples), 4.1 rebounds and 7.3 assists on average per game.

As a comparison, in the 2020-2021 season he got 28.8 points (45.1% in field goals, 39.1% in triples), 4.2 rebounds and 7.5 assists on average per game.

To make up for Lillard’s loss, CJ McCollum, who hasn’t played due to injury since December 4, is expected to get back on the court in the next few days with the Blazers.

At the beginning of the day on Thursday, those of Portland were 10th in the Western Conference with a balance of 16 wins and 24 losses.

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