Harry Styles used to be ashamed of his sex life during his time in One Direction

After their rise to fame as a boy band, the boys from one direction they had to adhere to a series of very strict rules designed so that they did not project an image that was too adult. Zayn Malikthe first to leave the formation, confessed at the time that he was not allowed to grow a beard andof course, talking about sex was totally forbidden.

Consequently, that part of their personal life was one of the few that they were expected not to share with anyone and that, in the case of Harry Styleswas the only one who felt that it was only hers.

Ironically, it also became the source of a lot of shame and insecurities because she didn’t know who she could trust, both to share her bed and to confide in her love life.

I felt so embarrassed about it, embarrassed by the idea of ​​people knowing he was having sex, much less with whom“, Harry, who reflected on those feelings during the period of confinement, has been justified. “Deciding who to trust was stressful.”

Also weighing heavily was the fact that he had signed contracts that included clauses that would allow them to be broken if he did anything.”tasteless” either “disgusting“. Fortunately, everything changed when he started his solo career.

“But I think I got to a point where I said to myself: why do I feel ashamed? I am a 26 year old man who is single. Let’s see, yes, I have sex, ”he recalled in an interview with Better Homes and Gardens.

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