Has Jawy already forgotten Manelyk González? He was seen with Tefy Valenzuela ‘very close’

Until a few weeks ago Jawy Méndez kept insisting on returning with Manelyk González, but before the refusal of the influencer, it seems that he already forgot her, well rumors of an affair with Tefy Valenzuela broke out, the woman who managed to put Eleazar Gómez in jail for beating her savagely last year.

Given this situation, everything seems to indicate that the former participant of Acapulco Shore and the first eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos, are trying to start a life together, since they have been seen very together on Instagram, which sparked rumors of a romance .

Mane confessed why he did not have children with his ex when he entered the Telemundo show several weeks after Valenzuela’s elimination, which again put his relationship in the eye of the hurricane.

Jawy Méndez and Tefy Valenzuela spend time together

Both have unleashed rumors of a romance The couple ended their romance after several attempts

In social networks they have been seen playing, talking and even dancing together, which has strengthened the rumors of a possible romance between the two despite the fact that they have not said anything about it.

Everything exploded when Tefy published a video of Tik Tok where he wrote: “Guess who are boyfriends” and appeared next to Mane’s ex.

This logically unleashed the furor in networks and many criticized the former Shore, because a few weeks ago, Jawy took hundreds of roses to his ex-girlfriend and fiancée, LCDLF and dropped them from a helicopter.

Apparently everything is about a promotion for a product, as they are good friends and have been getting along for a long time, but Mane’s fans have shown their anger at the situation.

What happened to Jawy and Mane 2021?

The couple ended their romance after several attempts

The most famous and controversial couple from Acapulco Shore ended their engagement after announcing it several months ago and after several attempts to continue their romantic relationship and in the words of Manelyk herself, he was possessive and very jealous, which is why she left him.

When she entered the Telemundo show, it was rumored that Jawy Méndez would arrive at La Casa de los Famosos, news that caused a lot of impact, as it was believed that it was with the objective of continuing to insist on recovering his girlfriend and we gave all the details to meet in The Truth News.


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