Hatillo Mask Festival in Puerto Rico marred by deadly shooting, drug and weapon offenses, and traffic violations

A total of 177 tickets were also handed out for traffic violations. In addition, there were several accidents and a person who sustained a hand injury while working on a float. All individuals were transported to local hospitals for treatment.
  1. There were multiple law violations at the Hatillo Mask Festival, including the seizure of two pistols and the arrests of two people for controlled substances and weapons offenses and two for intoxication.
  2. The police also handed out 177 tickets for traffic violations and recovered a missing vehicle. There were also several accidents and a person who sustained a hand injury while working on a float.
  3. Tragically, a man was killed and his brother injured in a shooting during the festival. The victim was identified as Emmanuel Perez Estremera, 32, and the incident occurred at various locations in Hatillo.

Although attention has been focused on the murder of a man during the Hatillo Mask Festival, there were also multiple interventions for law violations.

In a press release, the Police informed that among the results of their operations at the event yesterday was the seizure of two pistols. However, they did not detail under what circumstances.

The police report adds that they also “arrested two people for controlled substances and Weapons Law.”

They also “arrested two people in a state of intoxication,” adds the statement, which also highlights the occupation of two motorcycles and “two bags of marijuana.”

They also recovered a vehicle that was reported as “missing.”

Meanwhile, the Uniformed handed out during the festival a total of 177 tickets for violation of Transit Law 22.

On the other hand, the Police reported the cases of five people who fell from floats, two car accidents, one accident involving a pedestrian, one person who injured a hand after performing mechanical work on a float, and one person with a health problem.

All persons were transported to different hospitals in the area for treatment.

The murder of a man was reported at about 3:03 p.m., in the middle of a shooting in which another person was shot and wounded, according to the police.

The fatal victim was identified as Emmanuel Perez Estremera, 32, who suffered several gunshot wounds in different parts of his body that caused his death on the spot.

His 31-year-old brother was taken to a hospital in care condition. Both were participating in the festival as part of the group Los Caminantes.

This case had incidents reported in the following places: Corcovada Garage on PR-493, PR-130 in the Corcovada neighborhood, and the Lechugas neighborhood in Hatillo.