He abandoned his wife on their wedding day because she danced to a provocative song at the party

A Baghdad couple got through the fastest divorce case ever recorded in Iraq after they decided to separate on the same day that they swore eternal love to each other before the eyes of God, family and close friends.

According to different media outlets in the aforementioned country, the separation originated after the bride danced in front of the audience the song “Mesaytara” by Lamis Kan, which translated into Spanish means “I am dominant” or “I love you.” I will control”.

“I am dominant, you will be governed under my strict instructions
I’ll drive you crazy if you look at other girls on the street
As long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command
I am arrogant, I am arrogant”, says the song that the bride danced on her wedding day.

According to Gulf News the groom’s family did not welcome the fact that the bride danced and even sang the song on their wedding day, calling the moment “disrespectful.”

The groom’s family approached the newlywed and there a discussion was created that ended in a pitched battle.

The boyfriend, whose name is unknown, also did not hesitate to intercept his wife, whose name is also unknown, and He asked for a divorce.

This is not the first divorce to occur in Iranian society, but it is one of the most scandalous for dissolving the same day they swore eternal love.

The Economist revealed that Mesaytara’s lyrics long ago also “caused” the separation of a couple.

Another separation, just as scandalous, took place in India when a bride left her fiancé at the altar for not having the basic knowledge of mathematics.

The groom’s family had kept us in the dark about his upbringing.. She may not have even been to school,” a cousin of the bride told Tribune India.

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