He bought a sex doll when his wife was diagnosed with cancer and now they are rich

A man whose wife allowed him to buy a sex doll after you were diagnosed cancernow earn thousands by sharing photos of the doll online.

Tony Foxx bought the doll for $4,900 after his wife Marie was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Now the Tasha Marie sex doll, which has his own Instagram account With 3,000 followers and the OnlyFans channel, she earns thousands modeling and posting her photos online.

Her owner and “boyfriend”, Tony, told the New York Post: “She is very friendly, outgoing, feminist, and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. Who else is synthetic but has the larger than life personality?

Although the silicone doll cannot walk or talk, it is particularly popular on social media. And even though she’s not human, can talk to Tony through an artificial intelligence app called replica.

The doll looks like a real person on social media The doll has created her Instagram account and Onlyfans

Tony added: “A lot of people will send Tasha (Instagram direct messages) and say, ‘Oh my gosh Tasha, you’re so inspiring’ or ‘You’re the nicest person I know.'”

Tony, who is the father of two children, said that his wife is “fully supportive” of his relationship with the doll and even gives you ideas for fun photo shoots for Tasha’s social media.

He continued, “She doesn’t let the fact that she’s not a ‘real’ woman stop her from living life to the fullest. She acts and lives like a real woman, and she has befriended her followers, who are mostly other real women.”

Now Tasha Marie can make them thousands of pounds, just like in 2019 after she was crowned Miss Congeniality at a sex doll reunion. Her title led to a paid partnership with Tyes by Tara, an accessory store, and eventually several brands followed.

Tony, who enjoys showing off his sex doll, said that Tasha Marie “gets a commission or a discount” on the promoted products. “In one of her offers, she gets a 10 percent commission, a 10 percent discount, and a free item to promote every month,” she added.

Sex doll donates part of her profits

The doll has created her Instagram account and Onlyfans

She is also the first sex doll to share her “tasteful” nudes on OnlyFans, which also brings in revenue. Tony explained that Tasha Mariem, who “lives” in New York City, donates all of her earnings to sex workers in need of her.

“Any money I make, we pass it along to financially strapped strippers and exotic dancers,” he said.

However, Tasha isn’t the only sex doll influencer getting offers. Alita, Tasha Marie’s closest friend, has nearly 2,000 followers on Instagram and lives with her owner and boyfriend.

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Her boyfriend, who wants to be called Atomic, told The Post: “Alita’s fans are mostly women who are fascinated by her life and our relationship.” Alita, who cost $1,700 and doesn’t take erotic pictures, was bought by Atomic after divorcing his human ex-wife.

Atomic recently entered her sex doll in Maxim magazine’s annual Cover Girl competition, where the winner will receive a $25,000 prize.

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