He claims to be anti-vaccine and goes to supermarkets to lick products to “strengthen” his immune system

Although the effectiveness of the multiple vaccines that exist to combat the coronavirus is more than proven and how these are very useful in the intentions of curbing the amount of infections, unfortunately there are many people who call themselves anti-vaccines, who are not interested in getting immunized and not only that, they do everything to convince others not to do so.

In social networks, a woman from the United States describes herself as a “vaccine mother”, who likes to share on social networks why no one needs immunization against COVID-19 and others, well there are many other “ways” to strengthen the immune system.

In several videos that this person has shared, he can be seen doing one of the acts with which, according to her, his defenses are strengthened and improved: licking different products placed on supermarket shelves.

In one of the videos, the mother appears with her son, a minor, and they both lick the supermarket cart, as well as plastic bags and the handles of the refrigerators.

Under the “principles” that “Microbes aid digestion” and “Be free. Love over fear ”, is how this anti-vaccine woman does everything that health experts do not recommend doing, and more at the moment.

As expected, several Internet users criticized the actions of this woman whose name is unknown. And it is that in addition to putting the health of others at risk, many do not agree with the example you are setting for your child.

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