he cries when he sees what his classmates did to him

  • Raúl González breaks down in tears in the middle of the program
  • It was not expected that his peers would do that to him.
  • The emotional message that his father left him

Break into tears in the middle of the program! The Venezuelan driver, Raúl González, breaks down in tears in the middle of the ‘Despierta América’ program after observing the detail that his companions and relatives of the program prepared for him on the occasion of his 50th birthday. The driver could not take it anymore when he saw the beautiful and video motive given by the production.

Raúl González has been classified as one of the most charismatic and sympathetic presenters of the morning program of the Univision network, ‘Despierta América’, and it is that since his arrival more than 10 years ago, the Venezuelan has managed to steal one’s heart by one of the spectators of the program, causing every day more people to fall with his charisma.

His teammates surprise Raúl González and he breaks down in tears

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After this, it was on October 27, and on the cusp of his 50th birthday that the production and friends of the ‘Despierta América’ program decided to surprise Raúl González with an emotional and tender video, which caused the Venezuelan driver burst into tears when he saw this cute gift that his friends and even family gave him.

Through his official Instagram account, Raúl shared this video, where he reported at the bottom of the clip that it was undoubtedly the best gift he had received in life: “This is the most beautiful thing that they have done to me in life. Thanks to Paola Gutiérrez, Luz Madoria and the entire Despierta América team. The biggest. Thanks”.

Why did Raúl González burst into tears?

Why did Raúl González burst into tears?
VIDEO: Instagram

During the emotional video, which lasts 8 minutes, it is possible to see how the morning drivers told Raúl González that they had a gift for him, and without waiting for more, they gave him play, causing the driver, surprised , He will not hesitate to burst into tears when he saw all the people who appeared in the clip, from his relatives, to his father, who unfortunately passed away in 2020.

At the beginning of this gift, it is possible to see part of the trajectory that Raúl González had before arriving at Univision, part of his beginnings in conducting various programs in Venezuela, where he was listed as one of the best in that country, Later, he recounted the experiences he had to face to get to the United States, stating that he had to sleep for several days in his car because he had nowhere to do it and his first job was in a pizzeria.

Raúl González did not expect it and burst into tears in the middle of his surprise

Raúl González did not expect it and burst into tears in the middle of his surprise
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However, the most touching moment for everyone came after the entire family of the Venezuelan driver appeared wishing him a happy birthday, this caused Raúl González, without expecting it, to burst into tears, when he saw his beloved father, the man he considers his hero, wishing you a nice message before your death:

“Fat boy, even if you are no longer, a thousand congratulations, remember all the advice we gave you here, and I want to remind you of something, the difficult thing is not to get to the top, the difficult and important thing is to know how to stay,” said his father, causing the 50-year-old driver will not take it anymore and will start crying in the middle of his gift.

Raúl González breaks down in tears when he sees his deceased father

Raúl González breaks down in tears when he sees his relatives and his father
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The surprises would not stop, since throughout the video the struggle he had for his overweight is also told, where at the time, the driver explained that “he had always been fat because he ate his fears, his insecurities” Fortunately, Raúl González is already in a better physical condition, where the most important thing is that he began to live healthy and full.

In the moving video, he also spoke about his parents and his family, who are the most important thing that he has in his life, from his mother, to his nephews, whom he usually pampers a lot, he has always classified his mother as his angel on earth, while his sister and nephews the eyes of his life.

The driver of Despierta América could not hold back the emotion

Infinite love for Raúl González, who does not hesitate to break down in tears after video
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It should be noted that in this video, there was a lot of talk about his father, who had to leave exactly a year ago on October 2, 2020 due to a fight against cancer, and that is that every time he appeared in the video, Raúl González He would not stop crying, remembering his deceased father, whom he always considered his greatest example, who at every opportunity advised the charismatic presenter.

“And with an infinite love, and a deep gratitude to his adored father Don José Raúl, who after battling for several years against bone cancer on October 2, 2020, became a beautiful guardian angel for Raúl’s family. ”, Could be heard in the audio, to later complement with Raúl’s message arguing that the best thing one has is family.

Raúl González was so excited that he couldn’t stop crying

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In case the video was not already emotional, at the end it looks like his whole family, along with his father, appeared singing the mañanitas, wishing a happy birthday to the 50-year-old driver, Raúl González, causing the Venezuelan again not to doubt it more and start crying ‘snot out’ for this gift.

Of course, he was not the only one who cried, as anyone who took the time to see him claimed that it was impossible not to, highlighting that it was undoubtedly a very beautiful gift. The host La Veneno Sandoval wrote the following: “Blessed God, how not to cry, Raúl, beautiful inside as well as outside, what a beautiful journey through your life and your first 50”, expressed in the comment box. FULL VIDEO HERE

“I have no shame about my orientation.” Ismael Cala confesses his most ‘private’ secret to Raúl González

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The journalist, lecturer and former television presenter Ismael Cala has been away from the small screen for 5 years, but his podcast D’mente positive ‘keeps him active for the public who liked to see him in spaces such as’ Calando fuerte’, ‘El mundo informs’ and his talk show ‘Cala’, for CNN that ended in 2016, however, now he ‘reappeared’ on Despierta América with an interview conducted by Raúl González, who months later celebrated his 50th birthday.

The 52-year-old lecturer was so sincere with Raúl González that he had no qualms about talking about his sexual preferences, making it clear that he lives with a partner and that he is proudly gay, although he did not express it in that way but everything remained quite Sure.

Ismael Cala confessed to Raúl González

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“In @despiertamerica on Sunday I had the opportunity to talk with this great professional and human being. Ismael opened the doors of his house and his heart to speak to me as he had never done before. Thank you Ismael for this CARA A CALA ”, is the description shared by Raúl González for the interview.

And it is that the lecturer did not keep any topic and confessed to being more comfortable than ever with his way of being: “The Ismael Cala who talks to you today is an Ismael Cala that I really love …”, he began explaining while cooking and Raúl González pays close attention to his words.

Ismael Cala confessed private issues to Raúl González

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While cooking eggs and breakfast for his guest Raúl González, the former television presenter stated: “I have been threatened with death several times in my life, once on CNN interviewing a candidate for the Presidency of Guatemala and at the end of the show I went to the Twitter feed and there were thousands of positive and negative comments, but one said ‘If you look out over Guatemala we will blow your head off’ and believe me that I did not sleep that night, “he said.

And he also recalled an experience with Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela: “Once he mentioned me on television and I said ‘My God, this man knows that I exist’, but the truth is that one feels the responsibility and the weight …”, and said he quite misses the time when he was considered ‘The King of the Interview’.

Ismael Cala revealed his sexual preferences and said he was proud

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Raúl González was emphatic in telling Ismael Cala that in order for his life to leave a mark, he had to write a book, plant a tree and have a child to which he replied: “I have several, although not recognized, it’s a joke but there are times I say ‘ yes’, others that I say maybe no longer, adoption would be an option, it would be something so important, if it comes in handy and if not, the Ismael Cala Foundation, how many young people has it not given a scholarship to? I believe Raúl that not everyone has to have biological children ”, he specified.

But when he least expected it, Raúl González made him say his sexual preferences: “My partner is here, this project could not have been done alone if I did not have an accomplice, someone who is really there, there is a heart that is full of love , a story of 10 years that is not that it was this story of the prince and the princess but a story of much sacrifice and effort, of building a life project together … “, he said.