He died without being able to pick up an engagement ring; jewelry looking for the bride to deliver

In social networks we can find a series of completely heartbreaking stories about how a love was cut short by death, after the bride or groom unexpectedly lost their lives just before the couple began a new life together.

Regarding the topic on Twitter went viral in recent days the story shared by a user identified as @greciaisaabel, who He said his cousin passed away just before he was able to pick up the engagement ring he had had made for his girlfriend.

But what has moved hearts most is the fact that in recent days, The jewelry store sent a letter to her partner in order to send the piece to him.

According to the letter, in April, the man identified as Alejandro went to the jewelry store asking for the “most beautiful ring” to give it to his girlfriend named Samantha, because the day before he had gotten engaged to her, but he only gave a ring made of paper.

“It seemed to all of us that our duty was to fulfill his gesture and act of love. They are a special story for us, they touched our hearts, ”said the jewelry letter.

The groom paid for the engagement ring, so he just had to pick it up, but it never happened, so staff from the jewelry store located in Caracas, Venezuela, decided to look for him and discovered that he had died.

“As he did not receive our messages, and more days than agreed had already passed, we took the audacity and with his data we decided to look for him on social networks, where we found the unfortunate news. It seemed to all of us that our duty is to comply with his gesture and act of love”,
is added in the letter.

So The jewelry store sent the ring to Samantha because they consider that this is “a symbol of the promise to always be together, of the commitment of one to the other, of always being in the happy moments and in the difficult moments”.

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