He forgave the man who disfigured his face with acid, got him out of jail and they swore eternal love

Turkish woman forgave the ex-partner who destroyed her face with acid and even married him.

Photo: Scott Heins / Getty Images

In 2019 the Turkish press publicized the case of Berfin Ozek, a woman who resulted in severe burns to his face after that his ex-partner threw him devil’s acid in a fit of jealousy.

According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, due to Casim Ozan Celtik’s burns, the young woman was admitted to a hospital where she remained for several weeks recovering from burns; at the time the doctors pointed out that the young woman’s health was “delicate”.

Berfin Ozek underwent several Cosmetic surgeries so that his face would not look totally disfigured: reconstruction of eyelids and reconstruction of lips.

Despite medical efforts, the young woman lost the vision in her right eye and the scars of that fateful day are still “alive.”

Two years have passed since that episode and today Berfin Ozek has made the news again because the aforementioned media announced that the woman forgave Casim Ozan Celtik, who had been sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison.

Even countless media outlets questioned the short sentence that was handed down to him, including the prosecutors in the case asked him to serve a life sentence, but it was not like that.

Beyond the forgiveness that Berfin Ozek gave Casim Ozan Celtik, the scandal has grown stronger because the turkish woman got him out of prison from where he was and they got married.

It’s known that Ozek withdrew the complaint in 2020 and after a year of the request, they finally fulfilled their great dream: to become husband and wife.

In social networks the image of the woman on her wedding day has circulated next to her being her biggest executioner.

“I’ve done everything I can for her so far. She betrayed, not only the family, but all her loved ones”Berfin Ozek’s father told the same outlet.

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