He is sick! “El Fantasma” cancels its next events due to health problems

Mexico. due to health problemsthe singer “El Fantasma” finds it necessary to cancel his upcoming concerts and work commitments indefinitely.

Through a press release issued by the office of “El Fantasma” it is made public that due to “force majeure” the singer will take a break in his artistic career.

Although his fans wonder why “El Fantasma” stops his career, they do not disclose the reason from his office, they only express that he has not felt well and it is surely due to health problems.

“Speedy recovery”, “May he recover soon”, express some followers of “El Fantasma”, whose full name is Alexander García and is originally from Las Cañas de Durango, Mexico.

“El Fantasma” has stood out as a singer and composer, it is also said that he has revolutionized the genre of corridos in the short time he has been dedicated to music.

The singer is recognized as “The King of the Underground” on all social networks, where he adds daily followers from Mexico, USA and other countries.

Currently the famous one lives in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, where he continues to make his way among the most important exponents of the genre and in his biography it is mentioned that the nickname “El Fantasma” is because his family called him that since he was a child due to his white complexion. .

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“El Fantasma” debuted as a soloist in 2016 with the song Mi 45 which is part of his first record production Equipo Armado, and other songs with which he has heard are El mayor, El bicho and Fiel companion.

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