He knocked him out in the middle of a goal celebration! A Hellas Verona footballer sent his partner to the floor in a moment of euphoria

The match between Hellas Verona and the Naples, corresponding to the date 1 of the A seriesleft a moment that will remain for the memory, since, during the celebration of the second goal of the locals, the scorer practically knocked out his partner accidentally.

In the duel that was held at the Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium and that ended 5-5 in favor of Napoli, with a great performance by Chucky Lozano, he had this unusual moment just starting the second half, since at minute 48, Thomas Henry headed a ball into the net to make it 2-2 momentary in the encounter.

After the annotation, the author’s euphoria was such that he did not realize that one of his classmates was running behind him to join the celebrationbut with such bad luck that just as he was going to reach it, Henry jumped up and did an elbow move that ended up in Kevin Lasagna’s face, who, due to the impact, immediately went to the grass.

When the team realized what had happened, they immediately called in the assists. After a few moments of drama and seeing the anguish on Henry’s face, the striker rejoined and fortunately there was nothing to regret, since it was just the blow and Lasagna continued in the match.

Finally, the euphoria of the goal quickly faded, as 7 minutes later the debacle of Hellas Verona began, with Piotr Zielinski’s goal that put them down on the scoreboard 2-3; Later, those of Lobotka and Politano fell, sealing the cards 2-5.

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