He pays for a chatbot to receive messages like the ones his deceased girlfriend sent him every day

Going through a duel is one of the most difficult experiences to overcome for any human being.

Coping with the loss of a loved one, but above all, getting ahead and moving on with their lives without the other person being there turns out to be very complicated, since there are those who consider that there is no more reason to live, and sometimes, loneliness and sadness can lead to deep depression.

That is exactly what he lived a 33-year-old Canadian man named Joshua Barbeau, who has not been able to get over the death of his girlfriend, occurred 8 years ago, to such a degree that it has decided to invest a large part of his money in a chatbot to receive messages like the ones his partner sent him every day.

Barbeau, who is a freelance writer, lived the death of his girlfriend Jessica Pereira in 2012, after a long and painful liver disease.

The couple had been in a solid relationship for 2 years when Jessica began to have problems with her transplanted liver when she was just a 9-year-old girl. The girl presented episodes of mental confusion and even showed some signs of personality disorder.

By doing various studies, the doctors indicated that his liver was not working properly, so his body was accumulating toxins and various fluids. To regain health, Jessica had to undergo a new liver transplant, but this did not arrive and her condition deteriorated and 6 months later, she died from various complications.

Throughout this time, Joshua has lived with the pain caused by Jessica’s departure. But Everything changed when in September 2020 he read about a new website, Project, December, that generates a chatbot using artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this, he discovered that he could receive messages like the ones his girlfriend wrote him every day. For this, it was necessary for him to log into his old Facebook account to retrieve some texts and provide them to the company, which were in charge of imitating Jessica’s messages.

The man paid for the chatbot service for a time until recently, when he decided to leave it, assuring that this has helped him to live better in the face of his loss.

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