He preferred to record a video than to leave the building

  • An adult film actress, filmed seconds before the Mexico City earthquake
  • “If I’m going to die, I’m going to die happy,” said the woman in the video.
  • The young woman made the decision to record an intimate video even though the earthquake was in full swing

I wanted to wait for the shaking to pass! Gia Kush, an adult film actress, made it clear that if she was going to die she would make her happy and what better way than recording an intimate video during the earthquake on September 7, which shook Mexico City. The young woman begins the video by showing her followers that the seismic alert is sounding and she will stay in her apartment until the earthquake passes.


The actress prefers to continue recording to take shelter, when the earthquake began. She used rudeness after rudeness, saying that ‘there was no problem’ and that she was a bit nervous about how the building was shaking, but that it must have been of something that was ‘anti-earthquakes’ or so they told her. Her followers mentioned that she did ‘know how to enjoy life’.

Woman surprises earthquake video: The actress’s decision

Woman intimate video earthquake: The actress's decision
Photo: Twitter

The young woman named Gia Kush, became popular on social networks for an unusual decision at a time of panic for many people. While recording a video with the front camera of her cell phone, the young woman explained that she would stay inside her apartment while the earthquake passed, to be ‘happy’.

At first, you might think that he was joking with his decision not to take shelter, but after a few seconds the telluric movement begins and the young woman lies down on her bed to be able to masturbate quietly. Although soon fear is heard in his voice and he begins to swear, to later pray for what was happening in the City. Filed Under: Woman Surprises Earthquake Video

Woman surprises earthquake video: “It is shaking”

Woman intimate video earthquake: "It is shaking"
Photo: Twitter

The 19-year-old begins the recording by saying that she is shaking. The dreaded ‘Seismic Alert’ is heard in the background and as she begins to release a series of insults out of fear caused by the earthquake; his voice begins to tremble and for a moment, it seemed that he would take shelter but it was the opposite.

“Pu … ma … he’s shaking,” Gia starts to say at the beginning of the video. “It takes me to see …, to see …”, she says nervously before leaning out the window of her apartment that overlooks the balcony. “He’s shaking, and he’s going to shake hard. The good thing that this is anti-earthquake, I hope ”, he commented with the ‘Seismic Alert’ in the background. Filed Under: Woman Surprises Earthquake Video

Woman surprises earthquake video: “They are all going down”

Woman intimate video earthquake: "They are all going down"
Photo: Twitter

Gia Kush, at all times has the cell phone camera on and capturing the moments before it begins to shake. The young woman mentions that she is quite nervous about what may happen and is more upset when opening the window and hearing the seismic alert in all its splendor, but what worries her is that her neighbors could get off the building … and she he had no chance.

“I’m already stressed.” The adult film actress mentions, walking to her balcony and focusing the camera on the building in front of it. She opens the window and goes out to the balcony, where you can see how people are coming down from the buildings. “Put … madr …”, he mentions fearfully. “All my neighbors are coming down,” he says without stopping recording. Filed Under: Woman Surprises Earthquake Video

Woman surprises earthquake video: “I’m going to die happy”

Woman intimate video earthquake: "I
Photo: Twitter

The video that went viral was for the next part. Gia confesses to the camera of her cell phone that if she is going to stay in the apartment and ‘die’, she will do it being happy. For this reason, he turned to his bed staying in his apartment and proceeded to wait for the earthquake to subside, which would pass a couple of minutes later.

“Well nope … If I’m going to die, I’m going to die happy,” said the young Mexican woman, before lying down on her bed and the furniture in her room began to be heard colliding with each other. The young woman clarified again that if she was going to die she would make her happy and she took off her bottom clothes before starting to masturbate. Filed Under: Woman Surprises Earthquake Video

Woman surprises earthquake video: She began to pray

Woman intimate video earthquake: She began to pray
Photo: Twitter

For an instant, the young woman seemed to forget her nerves and began to delight herself. She was lying on her bed to record the intimate video, waiting for the earthquake to begin. At that moment, the telluric movement intensified and the noises of the furniture swaying began to be heard and she began to release a series of expletives.

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name”, the young woman is heard praying, while the furniture is moving from one side to the other and they hit each other. Until the time comes when the power goes out. “The power has gone out,” the young woman is heard saying and the video was cut at that. Filed Under: Woman Surprises Earthquake Video

The videos left by the earthquake

Ingrid Martz devastated after Mexico earthquake
Photo: Instagram

While the adult film actress, she planned to enjoy her body while the earthquake passed. Another actress, but from television, suffered the ravages left by the earthquake in her home in Acapulco. That day in the epicenter area, structures were demolished and fear gripped its inhabitants, where it was the epicenter and where the Televisa actress Ingrid Martz was with her family and her dog, who suffered the consequences, because he lost him and begged for help.

While Ariadne Díaz, Mauricio Nieto, Banda el Recodo, Laura G and Julión Álvarez published how they experienced the shock of the earthquake in Mexico, from the shores of Acapulco, Ingrid Martz published a photograph of her dog Taz, which unfortunately in the middle of all the chaos was lost.

He was looking for his dog

Earthquake Televisa actress Ingrid Martz
Photo: Instagram

In an Instagram story by Ingrid Martz, the blonde wrote: “People from Acapulco, I beg you to help me find my dog ​​TAZ, I love her with all my heart, she ran away because she was very scared by the tremor,” she said. a few minutes after the earthquake in Mexico.

Fortunately for Ingrid Martz, her dog Taz was located, and a driver and influencer, Mau Nieto gave her the good news through Instagram: “During the earthquake in Acapulco we managed to reach a dog that escaped from ‘La Isla’, yes someone recognizes it or knows who the owners are, please send a message ”.

“I have no words”

Dog Ingrid Martz Sismo Mexico
Photo: Instagram

The message was direct to the telenovela actress who said: “I have no words to thank the people who picked up Taz, there are wonderful people in the world, my eternal gratitude,” said Ingrid Martz, and then more calmly recounted the moments of terror that lived.

Later, the actress of soap operas such as ‘Rubí’, was in Acapulco, Guerrero, where it was the epicenter of the earthquake in Mexico, which was felt in other states such as in CDMx, and lived moments of terror that she shared on her Instagram account , in addition to the tragedy that happened to him, where he lost his pet for a few moments.

The experience of the actress

Ingrid Martz earthquake Mexico
Photo: Instagram

Although unfortunately in Guerrero there is an account of a death due to the 7.1-degree earthquake that occurred in Mexico, the actress Ingrid Martz made a ‘live’ on Instagram to explain what happened and the moments of terror she experienced: “I had wanted upload this video since yesterday morning, but the stress, the emotions, at times the crying, the hysteria, then the joy, they drove me crazy… ”.

“Now I am a little calmer, in fact my husband and I have more than 36 hours of not sleeping, not having breakfast, we have not eaten, it has been crazy these last hours, as many know yesterday it trembled a lot and the epicenter was in Acapulco and we are here, the truth is I cannot explain what happened yesterday, we had just put Martina to bed, just thirty minutes before and Taz who is here with me and at that moment he was under the bed where Martina was under an armchair … when he begins to tremble and this madness of strength begins, of movement that I never in my life thought I would feel, what Rodrigo and I did was say ‘you run, things, pictures, ornaments, mirrors, everything began to fall, and You don’t know if the building is also going to fall on top of you, ”he said.

The earthquake of September 7

After powerful earthquake they fear the worst for September 19

A strong earthquake of 7.1 degrees on the Richter scale surprised Mexicans on the night of September 7 and a tsunami warning was issued. Scared, thousands of people took to the streets to get to safety, just four years after another 8.2 earthquake that left a trail of destruction in its wake. Dozens of aftershocks have been reported after the first earthquake, but none of such strong intensity.

The National Seismological Service (SSN) initially reported that the earthquake had a magnitude of 6.9, whose epicenter was located 14 km southeast of Acapulco, Guerrero at 8:47 p.m. local time in the Mexican capital, where the earthquake it was also felt with great intensity. Minutes later he corrected the magnitude to 7.1 degrees.

The strong earthquake that shook that night

Will there be another earthquake on September 19?
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The El Universal news agency reported that an earthquake was registered that night in Mexico City and its metropolitan area. Around 8:50 p.m., Central Mexico time, a very intense earthquake was registered, which minutes before had been confirmed by the National Seismological Service.

The National Seismological Service also reported a 4.7 earthquake with an epicenter in the municipality of San Marcos, Guerrero. Through its Twitter account, the agency reported that the earthquake occurred in the northwest of the municipality of San Marcos. On a preliminary basis, it had been reported that the earthquake had a magnitude of 4.6. TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK AWhat

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