He pretended to be a Levante player to swindle his girlfriend and was sentenced to prison

The Fourth Section of the Valencia Provincial Court has sentenced two years in prison for a crime of swindling a man who cheated on his girlfriend into believing he was a professional footballer and he had a contract with Levante UD so that they would give him 7,500 euros, equivalent to $7,672 dollars.

The defendant must return that amount to the victim, to whom showed a false employment contract and bank statement.

However, the defendant has been acquitted of the crime of falsifying a commercial document, because the magistrates have understood that said papers did not circulate in the legal field.

condemned and victim they first met in June 2017 through a social network and, after several conversations, they began a sentimental relationship. Shortly after andhe man, who lived in Las Palmas, moved to live at his girlfriend’s house, in a municipality in the province of Valencia.

According to the resolution, made public this Tuesday by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, between the months of July and September 2017 the convicted appeared to be a solvent person and told the victim that he had business in Marbella, that he lived in a luxury urbanization, that he was a professional soccer player and that he had bank deposits with large amounts of money in Andorra and in Spain.

To build that appearance, the man passed the victim a copy of a false document called “Professional soccer agreement with Levante UD”, which contained his personal data, and a bank receipt, also false, with a balance of more than 96,000 euros, that is, $9,820 dollars. With the excuse of his lack of liquidity, because he had time savings in the bank, the prisoner asked the victim for money, who gave him $7,672 dollarsdistributed in various quantities, with the commitment to return.

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