He remembers his past by showing up selling pots

  • Francisca Lachapel remembers her past
  • It goes back 10 years, the day he came to America
  • Return to selling pots for a noble cause

Go back to its beginnings. The Dominican driver Francisca Lachapel returns to sell pots on the street just as she did when she had first arrived in the United States 10 years ago: “They were very hard moments, I went hungry and I lasted a year with my suitcase exactly as I brought it, no I knew when I was going to leave ”.

Currently Francisca is considered one of the best known conductors by the Hispanic public, and it is that with her chrism and her incomparable beauty, the Dominican has managed to win the hearts of more than one spectator, however this was not the case at first. Since before being the host of Despierta América, she had to go through many adversities.

What is Francisca Lachapel’s past?

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Through the portal People in Spanish, a bit of the history that Francisca Lachapel had when she arrived in the United States about 10 years ago is rescued, where she stated that she had to sell even pots to be there, before this, the driver told in ” Nuestra Belleza Latina ”how difficult it was for her.

At the age of 20, Francisca left her country of origin, the Dominican Republic, to start a life alone in the United States, these moments were quite complicated for her, since she went through hunger and lack of money: “They were very hard moments because I I was alone. I was hungry. I can say it in a country of so much abundance that people say no ”.

Upon her arrival in the United States, Francisca started selling pots

Upon her arrival in the United States, Francisca started selling pots
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Francisca Lachapel also revealed during her participation in “Nuestra Belleza Latina” in 2015, 5 years after her arrival, how difficult it was for her to arrive with nothing and alone in a new country, arguing that for a long time she never had a place fixed because I had no money to pay it:

“I lasted a full year with my suitcase exactly as I brought it from Santo Domingo (his city of origin) because I couldn’t dismount anywhere because I didn’t know when I was going to leave because I had no money. sometimes to pay, ”he commented with tears in his eyes at the time, just years after selling pots in the United States.

The beautiful driver remembers her origins in New York City

The beautiful driver remembers her origins in New York City
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After this unfortunate situation that many often go through to achieve “the American dream”, Francisca Lachapel was selling pots on a busy street in New York, and almost 10 years after her arrival in the neighboring country of Mexico, the Dominican driver returns to the that it was once her, but this time to help someone else.

During this Monday’s program, the Univisión program “Despierta América” ​​was broadcasting from New York, in which for one day its drivers would be selling pots in the streets to help a viewer in need, it was there that Francisca Lachapel went back to its origins.

Francisca Lachapel remembers her past when she sold pots, 10 years after this, she does it again

Francisca remembers her past when she sold pots, 10 years after this, she does it again
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In the broadcast, Francisca told the following with pride and excited for having achieved it: “Here on this same street many of you surely saw me, there I would put my little stand and sell my pots. I arrived on August 28, 2010 and this for a long time took food for my stomach ”.

The portal People in Spanish revealed that just as 10 years ago, Francisca once again set up the little pot stand in the street with the help of Raúl González, to start selling them together: “Today we are going to be in this same place where I used to sell pots but now for a good cause ”.

“Many of you will have seen me,” says Francisca, revealing that she sold pots on the streets of New York.

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Francisca revealed that being in this place made her go back a lot to her past, that difficult past through which they often live a lot to achieve their goals: “There are too many emotions at this time. My heart feels joy, it also feels nostalgia, a lot of nostalgia ”.

“I remember this little girl who walked from that corner to there trying to stop people from giving me the phone number so I could go and sell that pot. I feel so grateful and blessed because my God gave me the opportunity today to fulfill and live my greatest dream ”.

“I was hungry, but I was happy,” says the beautiful driver when she appears selling pots for a good cause

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To end her story, the Dominican driver Francisca Lachapel affirmed that having gone through this situation is something that fills her with great pride, and being there, almost 10 years after she arrived in the United States selling her pots, had no price. and it is something that I did not experience for a long time:

“I can’t explain how I feel, so many memories come to my head. Here in this same corner I was happy, I laughed, I also cried, I stood up many times hungry, so returning is priceless for me ”, Francisca Lachapel commented during the Monday program of Despierta América.

Francisca Lachapel appears in a purple dress and is compared to Princes Fiona

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Long before the driver went back to her past, where she revealed that she was selling pots on the streets of New York, Francisca Lachapel surprised on social networks by looking stunning in a beautiful purple dress, however, a follower was not silent and affirmed that the Dominican woman looked like Princess Fiona … but in a human way, before this comment, followers did not hesitate to defend the Dominican comedian from this attack?

Through her official Instagram account, Francisca surprised her more than three million viewers by publishing several photographs of her where she wore a fitted purple dress, which seemed to have an extremely shiny and beautiful fabric. While in the other images, she appeared with several friends and her husband in what could be the city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Followers and fans of the driver highlight how beautiful she looks in a purple dress but one will buy her with Fiona

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At the bottom of these photographs, which already had more than 133 thousand likes at that time, Francisca wrote the following message for her followers: “Beautiful weekend, here are several photos. Have a great Sunday!” wished the beautiful driver to his millions of followers.

These photographs attracted endless comments about it, where even celebrities highlighted how beautiful the actress also looked in that purple dress. Among the comments you could see those of Lili Estefan, Jomari Goyso, Giselle Blondet, Pamela Silva and many more, however a follower still drew attention when comparing the driver with Princess Fiona.

Follower compares her to Princess Fiona

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And it is that, despite the fact that at first glance the comment of the follower is not seen, the Instagram account @soyhateryque, managed to rescue him, where he clearly sees himself as the follower, without fear of being interpreted, he wrote the following : “The photo of Princess Fiona in a human version looks a lot like,” he commented accompanied by a red heart.

This comment in Francisca’s publication led to various attacks on the young man, who seemed not to have realized that this could be interpreted in many and bad ways. A follower wrote the following: “How little man or good, man cannot be to be such a gossipy little woman.”

Was it a compliment or an insult to compare her to Princess Fiona?

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Faced with the wave of attacks that the user was beginning to have, he did not want to remain silent, and stated that at no time did he say that as an insult, but rather as a compliment: “Miss, with all due respect, the comment is in a good sense I think the photo of Francisca is beautiful and in my opinion it is like Princess Fiona, because if you don’t remember it has two facets ”. COMMENT HERE

And it is that, as fans of the saga of the film ‘Sherk’ may well remember, Princess Fiona, was one of the most beautiful princesses of the kingdom of ‘Very, very far’, where this story takes place, however When she met the ogre Sherk, the princess turned from human to ogre, just like Sherk. What do you think of this incident? Did he really insult her or do you consider it a compliment? PHOTOS HERE Some images of this note come from the following video.

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