“He should have killed me”: Father of the shooter from Uvalde, Texas, faces after massacre

United States toIn the face of the global tragedy that left the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde,Texas, made by Salvador Ramosa young man of 18 years of age, his father came out to show his face and apologized for the massacre.

“I just want people to know that I am very sorry for what my son did,” said Mr. Salvador, 42, sadly.

The father of the shooter assured that he never expected his son to be able to do something like thisYo. And it is that in addition to the slaughter that he perpetrated at Robb Elementary School, minutes before he shot his maternal grandmother in the face, leaving her seriously injured.

“I never expected my son to do something like that. He should have killed me, you know, instead of doing something like that to someone,” Ramos said.

The young man’s father pointed out that he had not seen his son for a month and that they had argued and were estranged, he learned of the slaughter until his mom called him to tell him what had happened.

After believing that he was in jail, his son started looking for him but later learned that he had been shot by an agent, “They killed my baby,” said the father through tears, “

Mr. Ramos admitted that it hurt him a lot to know that he would never see his son againbut also recognized that the families of the victims of the shooting nor were they going to see their loved ones again.

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Salvador’s father also commented that his son was not a bad person, but that in recent months he had noticed a change in his behavior.or, especially when he bought a pair of boxing gloves to train in a nearby park.

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