He was scared when he saw the cat decorated with leaves, he thought he had died, he was surprised to see reality

A woman received the scare of his life when he was going to visit the kitten community to give him a few caresses, but was suddenly shocked to see that he was lying down and like cherry on the cake, some girls were covering it with leaves; thought it was a corpse and they were firing him, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, since these little they were playing and sheltering him with leaves of bushes by the rain so that it did not get cold. Once he realized reality and the lazy cat got up, he realized that these girls were doing a nice action.

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Woman is surprised when she sees immobile kitten on the floor

Veronica, a Singaporean woman She is an animal lover and she was going to visit a feline in the community to comfort him and give him a few caresses when suddenly her world wanted to fall apart, since that same kitten was lying near a sewer, immobile, she supposed that He was dead because children seemed to perform a ceremony with leaves on and around his body.

It was strange that it did not move and let the leaves be placed so he thought it would only be a corpse, but suddenly, it moved, would it have revived? The reality is that never diedInstead, he was lying down, getting the nap he so deserved.

As he approached, he questioned the little ones why they were doing that and they had a really charming answer and that is that when they thought that it would rain they could not leave Mr kitty in the cold, so they were anticipating and making a makeshift blanket or blanket to cover it up.

“From afar, I was shocked to see him like this …. For a second I thought he was a ‘corpse’. Fortunately, it moved! 2 children were placing leaves on and around him. They told me it can rain and the cat can get cold. ” Veronica said on Facebook

Facebook Screenshot: Veronica JL NG

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The little ones were being empathic with the kitten so that it would not get cold, so Veronica told them a little more about that lazy kitten that was lying down and enjoying being caressed. The girls went for more leaves while Mr. Kitty continued to take a nap.

At the end of it all, the girls were doing a good thing because they were taking care of the kitten’s welfare. This great adventure was published on Facebook in which more than a thousand people have shared it due to the nature of the events.