He went crazy: Pepe gave a brutal kick to a Sporting manager and is exposed to a severe sanction

Last Friday was played the match between FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon, one of the most important matches in the Portuguese soccer league. However, due to the great rivalry, the meeting ended with a big fight that went to blows. At the end, Pepe kicked a manager from the opposing team, an action that could bring him a severe sanction.

The match ended 2-2 and after the final whistle, a pitched battle broke out that ended with the expulsion of three players, two from Sporting and one from Porto.

The conflict began because Pepe apparently tried to hide an object that the Porto fans had thrown onto the pitch. The Sporting players angrily protested to the referee about what was happening and were finally booked.

This triggered a wave of conflicts, where finally, the former Real Madrid footballer ended up attacking Hugo Viana, director of international relations for Sporting, with a kick.

In this sense, Pepe could be exposed to a sanction that could disqualify him for a period that could last from two months to two years, which for him could mean an imminent retirement, taking into account that the center-back is 38 years old.