Health of Vicente Fernández’s wife is worrying, says doctor

Gabriel Galván, general practitioner of the Fernández family, stated that María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, Vicente Fernández’s wife, He was always very concerned about the health of the Mexican charro and since his death, It has been seen very down.

According to the specialist, Doña Cuquita was very affected by the Mexican singer’s state of health and the four months that he was hospitalized, she was in constant stress that affects her well-being.

It was during an interview for the Al Rojo Vivo program, where he spoke about the situation that the woman is still going through and said he was worried about it.

After the death of the Charro de Huentitán, Doña Cuquita thanked the public for their prayers and the interest they put in the situation and also showed affection towards the press.

Vicente Fernández’s wife could have health problems

Doña Cuquita is in poor health María del Refugio looked very sad at her husband’s velor

The Fernández family doctor announced that María del Refugio has a gastrointestinal disease, however everything seems to indicate that there is nothing to worry about, since ‘El Potrillo’ is aware of her mother’s medications.

“He worried a lot about Don Vicente, every time something came it hurt him, he was stressed a lot because of Don Vicente’s illness.”

He also assures that everything is probably calmer and stress has decreased for the life partner of the Mexican charro, but there is another situation that worries his family and it is not exactly illness.

The singer’s wife declared that she wants to continue living on the ranch ‘Los Tres Potrillos’, where she lived for so many years with the ranchero singer, but her children refuse to let her stay there due to the danger that this can represent, since it is full of memories.

How old is Cuquita, Vicente Fernández’s wife?

María del Refugio looked very sad on her husband’s velor

María del Refugio is 75 years old and for a long time, she took care of her husband’s businesses and helped him grow his fortune and also dedicated herself to taking care of the family’s businesses.

At the funeral of, Vicente Fernández’s wife kissed the singer’s coffin and shook everyone, because she always stayed by his side.

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