Healthy and fit woman, 11 mandatory rules to be fit

  • To be a healthy and fit woman, it is necessary to visit the doctor annually to keep a general record of your health.
  • Initiatives such as National Women’s Week in the United States promote health and positive habits to apply in the lives of women.
  • Many women stay in shape and celebrate it through Fitness Day.

In the United States, National Women’s Health Week is celebrated, a week dedicated to millions of women in the country taking steps to improve their health. According to the official portal Women’s health, the most specific recommendations to be a healthy woman and stay in shape are summarized in 11 basic rules that we present below:

Rule 1.- Have a GP:

A very positive action is to keep a control and record of your health, so Women’s Health recommends having a trusted doctor with whom you perform annual check-ups, preventive exams and vaccinations. Having a family doctor not only means that you will keep a more detailed record of your health, but that you will have someone to consult with your doubts or emergencies to prevent or eradicate any situation that puts you at risk.

Rule 2.- Perform physical activities:

Physical activities or exercise is a very healthy action, because through it it is possible to keep the body active, stimulating blood circulation and helping to clear the mind of stress. Another positive aspect of exercise, beyond improving physical appearance, is that taking walks or cardiovascular exercises help the generation of endorphins, the happiness hormone, which will improve your mood.


Rule 3.- Healthy diet:

Eating a healthy diet does not mean consuming small portions of food or eliminating all red meat, for example, without eating a balanced diet to the best of one’s ability. That is to say, the main recommendation is to consume vegetables, fruits, red meat (not excessively), white meat and legumes, as they contain specific nutrients for healthy nutrition.

Rule 4.- Drink 2 liters of water daily:

Remember that staying hydrated is essential, as the body needs to consume a sufficient amount of water to promote circulation, digestion and stay alert during the day. It is best to drink 2 liters of water daily, although this amount will vary from person to person; undoubtedly, hydration helps to purify the body and allow it to perform its functions properly.


Rule 5.- Pay attention to mental health:

Like the proper functioning and care of the body, it is very important to take care of mental health. To do this, you have to avoid falling into excess stress and anxiety, which could lead to depression. Another way to take care of your emotional health is to sleep enough hours and do activities that are relaxing for you. From a recreational reading to listening to a relaxing song, it all helps!

Rule 6.- Assume safe behaviors:

A recommended safe behavior is to assume that tobacco use is not good for your health; For this reason, quitting smoking or reducing the amount of tobacco consumed per day will be an excellent starting point to achieve well-being. Similarly, it is recommended not to consume a large amount of alcoholic beverages, not to use the cell phone while driving and to use protection when having sexual intercourse; this, to prevent accidents or STDs.


Rule 7.- Reflect on your health goals:

A very positive practice is to reflect on your health goals, think about what motivates you as well as what can be an obstacle to being a better version of you, healthy and fit. To help you reflect, you can consult the test: Are you ready to find your health? of the Women’s Health portal, where you will be presented with tips to become aware of the habits you have acquired and those that you can acquire.

Rule 8.- Participate in events:

Either organizing and promoting them yourself or attending a public event will allow you to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and stay active. Participating in events and organizing them is a way to test your concentration and your creativity, so it can help you discover new facets that you did not know in yourself, take the test!


Rule 9.- Dance:

Dancing is a very fun and relaxing activity that in turn allows you to stay active and burn calories. If you’re not a fan of exercise routines, dancing is sure to work for you. Choose your favorite music, dance and enjoy it. You don’t have to dance alone, you can put on your favorite music and invite a friend or family member to join you in this activity; after all, this is a time of fun and relaxation, give it a try!

Rule 10.- Attend healthy fairs:

Various organizations in the health sector such as civil associations constantly hold events and public fairs where they share current information on health, food, studies and more. Attending them will allow you to keep up to date and always learn something new. In addition, health professionals meet at these fairs who can guide you to take tests to find out the state of your health.


Rule 11.- Write a health diary:

Who has not kept a diary at some point in their life? In adult life, this tool could be more useful than you think, as it will help document your health process and guide you in adopting new habits. The objective of this journal will be to document your process, noting your challenges and favorable moments, which will allow you to evaluate your progress, but also as a tool to write your ideas, projects and thoughts for the day.

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