Heart of a champion: Palmeiras wants the three-time Libertadores championship after advancing with 9 players on the court [Video]

Photo: Fernando Bizerra Jr. / EFE

They say you can’t underestimate the heart of a champion and that was precisely what the Palmeiras to endure with two players less a tough key against Atlético Mineiro in the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadoresto then resolve in the penalty shootout 6 to 5.

Coach Abel Ferreira’s historic team won two Libertadores Cups in 2021, the first corresponding to 2020 and then the calendar year against Santos FC and Flamengo respectively. Now he is looking to conquer the three-time championship, just as Real Madrid did in the Champions League.

Returning to the quarterfinal series, in the first leg they tied 2-2 away against Mineiro de Hulk, Nacho Fernández, Edu Vargas and company. Then at home the match was complicated when Danilo dos Santos was sent off at 29′ for a wild kick to Zaracho. They had to manage to endure with numerical inferiority.

And to add a more complicated touch, at 81′ they suffered the expulsion of Gustavo Scarpa. Under this scenario they dedicated themselves to defending the 0-0 tie to go to the penalty shootout and they succeeded.

In the penalty shootout, the charges were perfectly executed in the first five shots of each. All until the goalkeeper Wéverton saved the shot to the side Rubens Dias to unleash the madness in Sao Paulo.

Then the central Murilo billed the sixth payment for Palmeiras and thus decree their pass to the semifinals. In that instance they will face Athletico Paranaense or Estudiantes de La Plata, while in a hypothetical final they would go against Vélez or Flamengo.

– Data sheet:

0. Palm trees: Weverton; Marcos Rocha (m.88 Mayke), Gustavo Gómez, Murilo, Joaquín Piquerez; Danilo, Ze Rafael, Raphael Veiga, Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu (m.88 Luan) and Rony. DT: Abel Ferreira.

0. Atletico Mineiro: Everson; Mariano, Nathan Silva, Júnior Alonso, Guilherme Arana (m.74 Rubens); Allan, Jair, Matías Zaracho (m.74 Eduardo Sasha); Keno (m.79 Eduardo Vargas), Ademir (m.54 Nacho Fernández) and Hulk. DT: Alexi Stival “Cuca”.

Penalty shootout: 0-1: Hulk, goal. 1-1: Veiga, goal. 1-2: Fernandez, goal. 2-2: Gomez, goal. 2-3: Jair, goal. 3-3: Rafael, goal. 3-4: Sasha, goal. 4-4: Piquerez, goal. 4-5: Alonso, goal. 5-5: Rony, goal. 5-5: Rubens, for Weverton. 6-5: Murilo, goal.

Referee: Colombian Wilmar Roldán expelled Danilo (m.29), Scarpa (m.81) and Vargas (m.96), and yellow carded Nathan Silva, Arana, Zaracho, Gómez, Dudú and Hulk.

Incidents: second leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals, played at the Allianz Parque stadium, in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, before 40,433 spectators.

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