Heart-stopping footage captures baby kidnapping stolen-car event in East Morrisania, Bronx [video]

The girl's parents were parked on a Bronx street while getting groceries out of the trunk of their vehicle when an unknown person jumped inside and fled the scene.

A security camera video shows the terrifying momenta Bronx mother saw a stranger take off in her vehicle with her 8-month-old baby still in the back seat.

The shocking event happened around 10:30 p.m. Thursday at East 175th Street and Mohegan Avenue in the East Morrisania neighborhood, authorities said.

The girl’s father and mother were taking bags of groceries out of the trunk when the subject jumped into the driver’s seat and drove away while the father ran after the car to try to catch up.

Also, the woman is heard screaming in terror as the suspect fled the scene.

The offender who stole the vehicle realized almost immediately that the baby was in the back seat and stopped a block later, abandoning the infant inside the vehicle and escaping on foot. The child was unharmed.

The subject, which officials described as wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, is still being sought, NBC New York reported.

Anyone with information about this suspect or the incident should contact the NYPD.