Heartbreaking message from Eduin Caz reveals emotional turmoil amid recent scandals

After several scandals, singer Eduin Caz, with an alarming message, opened up about the complicated moments he is facing regarding his emotional stability.

Eduin Caz is once again making headlines in the entertainment world, however, on this occasion, for an alarming message, since after several scandals and criticisms, the singer admitted that he is struggling to achieve “emotional tranquility”; however, he revealed that it is a process that he has not achieved.

In American Post News, we have let you know that after his separation from Daisy Anahy, the singer Eduin Caz has evidenced that he is not going through a good time on a personal level, as he has been presumed at parties and relapsing into “excesses.”

Similarly, the singer, in recent weeks has faced intense criticism, both for the concerts of Grupo Firme as well as his controversial statements on networks. These situations have begun to affect him.

Eduin Caz sets off alarm bells with a heartbreaking message

Eduin Caz
Eduin Caz unleashes an alarming message.

Through his social networks, the vocalist of Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz, shared a series of photographs of the group’s concerts last weekend, and although he appears laughing, the message with which he shared the postcards generated great concern, as he made it clear that the criticism has begun to bring consequences to his emotional stability:

“So another weekend in which I only fight for emotional tranquility, but I keep failing,” wrote the singer.

Eduin Caz
Eduin Caz on Instagram.

As expected, Eduin Caz’s message did not go unnoticed by his fans, who sent him words of support. However, there was no shortage of cybernauts who reminded him of his alleged infidelity to Daisy Ahany, with whom he is expecting his third child.

After confirming the separation from his wife, Daisy Anahy, Eduin Caz said he was ready to win her back. However, a few weeks later he announced that he was already legally divorced.

What is Eduin Caz suffering from?

Eduin Caz
Eduin Caz underwent several surgeries due to health complications.

Sinusitis and a hiatal hernia. However, he already underwent several surgeries to solve his health complications.

Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz separated after their 14-year relationship. This is due to a second infidelity that was made public on Instagram through leaked messages between the singer and a follower.

Eduin Caz has two children and is expecting his third, with Daisy Anahy, who has not stated their separation so far.