Heath Ledger turns 14 dead Why is his Joker still the best?

In 2008 it hit theaters Dark Knightwhere Heather Ledger was present playing the character of the jokerwhich was crowned the best of all time, but why? Here we tell you!

In AmericanPost.News We revealed to you that Heath originally wanted to play Batman, but due to his great performance as the Joker he was left with no way out, and director Christopher Nolan decided that it would be better if he acted as the latter.

Previously we told you that the Joker in which no one believed; However, now we will tell you how the interpreter of the character lived in real life.

They remember Heath Ledger after 14 years of the Joker

Heath. Photo: forucinema.com Heath. Photo: www.biography.com

Much is said about the fact that the actor did not easily abandon the character of the Batman villain after his performance, well, he went deep into it, so much so that he was locked up for 43 days in a hotel room to reach solitude and thus try to understand. better the madness of the DC character.

In addition, being alone, he made collages of characters, movies and comics that would help him give life to a new Joker, it is even known that he did his makeup himself, and in the end the result was so good that even actors like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Cane indicated that in his presence they tended to forget his lines and that they would not be able to see him directly.

Thanks to Heath’s talent and great performance, during the filming he did some improvisations that were perfect for him, like when he played with the switch making everyone think that the hospital’s explosives button was not working or even that he was really hit by the Christian Bale during the interrogation scene, this after the Joker asked his partner.

Although this is not all, he was so immersed in his character that the Australian actor even dressed as the Joker when he was not recording, something that would make anyone’s hair stand on end.

It should be noted that the actor won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and a Golden Globe in 2008, although he never knew it because he died before they were given to him.

How did the actor who played Joker die?

Heath. Photo: www.biography.com

There are many myths on this subject, but it is known that he died after having an accidental drug overdose, hence he lost his life at the age of 28 on January 22, 2008.

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