Héctor Herrera was honest about his complicated moment at Atlético de Madrid and thinks about Liga MX in the future: “I’m going to be screwed”

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Despite the fact that Atlético de Madrid is facing a small sporting crisis, Diego Simeone is still married to his eleven and it doesn’t give some players a lot of chances.

One of the most affected is Héctor Herrera, who could have a chance against Manchester United. However, the Mexican explained how he feels and how he deals with this little activity that is living on your computer.

Although he does not play, Herrera confessed that would like to continue in the mattress group, but also expressed that still You have not received any renewal offer. The Mexican ends his contract with the rojiblancos next summer.

The personal situation that Héctor Herrera is going through at Atlético de Madrid

Regarding his personal situation and the continuity he has had with the team this season, Herrera believed that it is very difficult because of what you are going through since all players want to be protagonists.

It’s difficult because you always want to play, be the protagonist, participate and everything. At least I try to be calm and work for when I have to play and I get an opportunity to take advantage of it. The truth is that many times I go home, which is where you can be who you are or express what you feel. And I, really, that at home with my wife also talk a lot about this topic, especially when I don’t play, when I have little participation. It is difficult to assimilate that you are not participating, that they do not take you into account. I think that at that time the family is super important.

Differences from being the starter and captain of Porto, to not seeing almost minutes at Atlético de Madrid

Asked if he has noticed the difference in his time at Porto, where he was captain, and now he has very little activity, ‘HH’ confessed that obviously different pressures are felt but he tries to enjoy his role at Atlético.

“Obviously when you have involvement it’s different. There was the captain. He always played. You have another type of stress or pressure. They are different facets, but I, from the point where I have to be, I enjoy it. I also enjoy the aspect that I am in now, that I don’t have to participate much, I try to enjoy the day to day to take it calmer and to be able to be prepared for when it touches me”, he asserted.

Why hasn’t he been able to establish himself in Simeone’s team?

In relation to why he has not been able to consolidate himself in the team, the Mexican was dismayed and He doesn’t know if it’s due to the way he plays, what they ask of him or his adaptation.

I do not know. If it is my way of playing or that I have not adapted one hundred percent in the way that the ‘mister‘ He is asking for it. There is a lot of competition. It is also true. I do not know. The truth is that I am not sure why I have not been able to be a fixture within the team. It’s difficult and I’m not the type of player who is on top of the ‘mister’ saying ‘why don’t I play, why this, why that?

Does Héctor Herrera dream of returning to Liga MX?

Finally, he was asked about a possible desire to return to Liga MX and did not hide his interest in returning to his native country.

Yes. Sometimes I think about it, because it is my country, my children have not lived in Mexico either, my family is there and one always wants to be close to my family, but I think it is not the time yet. I hope I can stay here for a few years.”

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