Héctor Parra is serving eight months in prison and is left without a lawyer

Mexico. Héctor Parra is serving eight months in prison and is left without a lawyer, is disclosed in various news portals. The Mexican actor is accused of sexual abuse of his daughter Alexa.

It is the same lawyer José Luis Guerrero who reveals the reasons he had for abandoning Parra’s case, who was legally denounced by his ex-wife Ginny Hoffman and his own daughter Alexa.

“I submitted my resignation to the legal defense of Héctor, I did not end badly with Héctor, nor with his daughter, it is a difference in the strategy in the expenses that is needed for various expert opinions because we are experiencing a stage of contestation in the accusation and that has to be redeemed through a hearing, ”Guerrero highlights through a statement.

Daniela Parra, daughter of Héctor, has made public on her social networks that she trusts the new defense that now represents her father, also that José Luis Guerrero did an excellent job and thanks him for everything.

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At all times and from the beginning of her problem, Daniela supports her father and believes in her innocence in the face of the accusations made by Ginny Hoffman and her daughter Alexa, and has also become her main defender.

Daniela has also stated that Héctor at times goes through strong pictures of depression due to being locked up, but it affects him more that they point him out for something he did not do and they both hope that the truth will come to light very soon and you can regain your freedom.

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Héctor Parra was arrested outside his home in June 2021 and later transferred to preventive detention after the complaint filed against him by his daughter Alexa, of course sexual abuse that he would have suffered during his childhoodand Ginny Hoffman, Hector’s ex-wife, supported their daughter in her decision.

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