Henry Cavill dazzles on the Witcher’s red carpet

The actor Henry cavill is recognized for his extreme beauty, but also for his great acting talent, for which the actor is acclaimed by hundreds of fans, who did not miss the moment of the premiere of season two of The witcher to make it a trend.

And it is that the also interpreter of “The Man of Steel”, SupermanHe knows how to win the affection of the followers, and through social networks the fans shared the highlights of his arrival on the red carpet.

Cavill, who is waiting to be called to play superman again, left his followers with a square eye, just by smiling at them, which caused numerous memes on social networks.

Henry Cavill’s arrival on the red carpet

The American actor wore a gray suit, with which he dazzled the entire audience that was located in Madrid.

Through his official Instagram account, the renowned actor shared an image of the moment, ensuring that it has been one of his favorite audiences, and that without a doubt, it was a phenomenal night.

“What an incredible audience! Thank you to all the Madrid fans tonight who patiently listened to my many responses … my translator had a very difficult job !! ”he said.

When and how to watch the second season of The Witcher?

Henry arrived in Madrid for the premier

The second season of The Witcher arrives this December 17, and it will be through the Netflix screen that the followers of the video game, or just the action series, can see the famous person playing Geralt of Rivia, who is a monster hunter sorcerer trying to find his place in the world.

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