Henry Cavill hopes to play Superman, but more faithful to the comics

Henry cavill remains firm in his desire to love play superman again, and now the British actor assured that this idea is not related to the rest of his acting projects, since he considers that this is already a “personal to a certain extent” issue, since it hopes to be able give life to the character but the closest thing to the comics.

During an interview with the Collider portal, the protagonist of “Man of Steel” considers that it would be “a wonderful initial story” to relate a new origin for the character. “It left a lot of room for him to grow beyond her and become the hero we recognize,” he said.

How we report in The truth News, Henry Cavill is just waiting for him to be called back to come back as Superman, even though neither Warner neither DC They have said if they plan for the actor to continue playing the superhero.

Henry Cavill believes that the full potential of Superman has not yet been shown

Cavill hopes to be chosen again to resume the character of DC / Photo: Wipy The actor believes that there is still much to develop about Superman / Photo: Comicbook

About your participation in “Batman v. Superman “, the actor from “The Witcher” stressed that that movie turned onto a darker route as it focused more on the perspective of the batman.

“It didn’t really show the aspects of Superman that I really wanted to show,” Cavill stated.

From there, Henry Cavill assured that the Justice League Snyder Cut was more inclined to show that side of Superman, but still believe that it is not enough.

“He had a little more gentleness in his tone, butor I would love the chance to play the Superman we all know and love from the comics, as a continuation of his development and let’s see the hero, “said the 38-year-old famous.

Superman still has a lot of story to tell

The actor considers that there is still much to develop about Superman / Photo: Comicbook

For the British, the “Man of Steel” still has a lot to tell: “It would be really exciting for me because there is the opportunity to tell many interesting stories there”, He explained.

“It’s just about finding the right hooks to have a character who is as good and idealistic as Superman, that there are wonderful opportunities to delve into what it is like to exist as him and the difficulties that come with it. When you have to save everyone, how difficult is that for you? That could be an interesting line to tackle, ”added the actor.

Henry Cavill is the only one of his Justice League teammates who hasn’t been confirmed to return to the person who played in the DC Extended Universe, in addition to Ray fisher, who stated that will not replay the character of Cyborg for the labor problems he had with production.

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