Henry Cavill is convinced to wear the classic Superman suit with boxer shorts

Henry cavill He is preparing for the premiere of the new season of ‘The Witcher’ on Netflix, although this has not made him forget Superman, a character that he revealed that he would love to play again soon.

Although at first there were rumors of his final dismissal from Dc comicsIt was he himself who assured that he is only waiting for a call to put on the man of steel suit again, although this time it could be a different version.

Recently the famous actor attended an interview on the program ‘The late show with Stephen Colbert’, where the host convinced him to try the suit with the classic underpants that characterize the character.

Henry Cavill could wear boxers in Superman

In the hilarious interview, host Stephen Colbert brought up the topic of Superman with Henry Cavill, as in previous weeks he said he hopes to be able to play Superman more faithful to the comics, which means he could wear the hero’s classic underpants.

Although other versions of the cinema and television have kept this garment, his version of Superman withdrew it, but said that it would not be out of his plans to try, because according to his statement, the suit with underpants would be more faithful to the comics, thus fulfilling your wishes if you return to play Kal-El.

Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Coming Very Soon

Many fans wish to see the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman

Although we inform you in AmericanPost.News that Michael B. Jordan was preparing a Superman project, this does not bother Henry Cavill because he expressed that Superman is an ideal and is not pigeonholed to a single actor, and that he would love for both versions to meet at some point.

Following the advancement of the multiverse in the MCU, DC Comics could introduce the hero again to create new similar stories such as’Crisis on Infinite Earths‘, which would give meaning to the meeting of several Superman or Batmen in upcoming DCEU movies.

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