Henry Cavill Is your girlfriend more beautiful than Shakira?

Henry Cavill is a handsome actor who recently became a trendAfter Shakira’s breakup with Piqué and after the relationship between the singer and the actor, the latter has boasted about his girlfriend.

It was through his Instagram account that Henry Cavill introduced his current love with whom he is living a special moment in his life, thanks to his relationship with Natalie Viscuso.

It should be noted that despite the fact that the handsome Henry Cavill is one of the most desired actors, due to his Superman character, the movie heartthrob already has an owner and apparently is being compared to the singer Shakira.

Henry Cavill has a beautiful girlfriend

It turns out that through his Instagram account that Cavill introduced his current love, uploading a photo of both together playing chess at home with a message in which he declared his love.

“This is me, looking calmly confident before my beautiful and brilliant love, Natalie, destroys me at chess,” he wrote in the post.

While Natalie shared the same image on her account with another message that caused the envy of the whole world: “I’m just teaching my dear Henry to play chess… or maybe he’s letting me win?” he wrote.

Who is Henry Cavill’s girlfriend?

Who is Henry Cavill’s girlfriend

It is known that Natalie at 32 years old, girlfriend of the talented Henry Cavill, is the vice president of Legendary Entertainment, a production house which is responsible for some blockbuster productions such as “Pacific Titans” and “Godzilla vs Kong”, among others.

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