Henry Cavill What was the mistake you made in The Witcher that changed everything?

The main character of henry cavill in the series of Netflix, The Witcher, has captured the attention of many fans and non-fans alike of the epic video game it’s inspired by, but did you know what? the actor made a mistake that in the end delighted everyone, here we give you the details!

On AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that Geralt of Rivia is the character that Cavill has brought to life and has done so well that, seeing him, nobody remembers that the famous one was once the famous DC Comics Superman.

Previously we told you when photos with his girlfriend drove the internet crazy; however, now we will tell you what Henry did and that he completely defined his role as the iconic white-haired warlock.

The Witcher: Henrry Cavill and the secret of Geralt’s voice

The actor recently confessed that at one point during the filming he forgot how his character’s voice should be in this famous series, this after having recorded several scenes with another more studied tone, but that in the end he did not like it as much as the improvisation What did he do afterwards?

Given this, Cavill said that it was a mistake, and that at the moment he felt that it was very similar to the work he does. Doug Cockleyso he confessed that he looked at it, listened to it and thought that they were actually different enough, hence why he stated:

It is clearly inspired by [la versión de Cockle]but I did my thing.”

When does The Witcher season 3 come out?

The Witcher. Photo: www.netflix.com

It is expected that the premiere will take place in 2023, this is due to the fact that the filming takes many months of work and that now, with the pandemic, complex situations are being faced to carry it out, although it has not been officially declared yet. nothing in regards.

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