Henry Cavill Will Film New Scenes As Superman For ‘The Flash’

All is not lost, a new rumor indicates that henry cavill will be back as Superman and that for this reason the premieres of films of DC.

It’s been a long time since cavill He wore the legendary superhero’s costume for the last time, and had even left it hanging, never to return.

With the publication of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” the hopes of seeing Cavill and company back were reborn, however it is not until now that the possibility is reborn.

Henry Cavill returns as Superman for ‘The Flash’

Henry Cavill returns as Superman for ‘The Flash’ When does ‘The Flash’ premiere?

Information revealed by the editor in chief of Geekosity, mikey suttonindicated that Cavill will return once more as Superman for ‘The Flash’.

“We’ve reported before that Henry Cavill was making some schedules work for Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Black Adam.”

These affirmations coincide with the delay in the premiere of ‘The Flash and Aquaman 2tapes that will now hit the big screen in 2023.

Latest reports have revealed that DCEU is looking to get Cavill to reshoot scenes for The Flash as Superman.

When does ‘The Flash’ premiere?

When does ‘The Flash’ premiere?

Without delving into the decision on the delay, the producer announced that “The Flash” and “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” will be released until 2023 and not at the end of this year as budgeted.

Even days ago it was mentioned that the Ben Affleck’s Batman will not die in “The Flash” and now all this is added to the possible return of henry cavill like Superman.

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