Her boyfriend broke her up for not being “very attractive”; she ended up becoming a professional model

Never take for granted that some things will not change. especially if they have to do with something transcendental in people’s lives, since when we propose something, we can do even the unthinkable.

Example of this is a young woman originally from Germany named Kim Decke, who a few years ago never imagined that great pain would lead her to find her true path.

Through your TikTok account, Kim opened up to her followers to show her before and now, which left many surprised because it was not the girl that everyone now knows.

She said that her physical transformation was due to the fact that her ex-boyfriend decided to end their relationship because he considered that she was “not very attractive”.

“So you’re breaking up with me because I’m not attractive enough?” She recalled the question she asked her then-boyfriend. “Yes, I know I can find someone prettier, I’m sorry,” she replied on that occasion.

hurt by what happened, Decke proposed that his ex-partner swallow each of his words and that is why he began his transformation process. And the change was such She ended up becoming a professional model.

The video, as expected, collected thousands of likes, views and various comments, most of them congratulating her because she was able to recover, and in the best way from a painful experience.

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