Hernán Cristante is suspended for choking the assistant coach of the rival team during a game

The coach of FC Juarez, Hernan Cristante he was suspended for two days after his violent behavior committed in the match against Atlético San Luis on August 3.

chrysanthemum hanged the assistant of Atlético San Luis at the end of the match corresponding to Day 16 of the Liga MX Opening 2022 tournament.

The Disciplinary Commission of the league determined that Cristante must be absent for two games for “being guilty of violent conduct”as stipulated in Cause 1 of the regulations.

For this reason, the Braves coach will miss this Sunday’s match against America, for Matchday 7 at the Azteca stadium, and the match against Pachuca on August 12 for Matchday 8.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time that Cristante has had unsportsmanlike conduct of this typebecause a long time ago he hanged coach Miguel Herrera in a match between América and Toluca.

After that Christian He claimed to have gone to therapy to control his anger attacksbut apparently he lost control and did it again.

“These almost two years that I was out of Toluca we were preparing ourselves, I say it without shame, as something that was difficult for me to understand, the expulsions with the referees ended up scaring locals and strangers. I was never a fighting guy, but I behaved badly, I had a year and a half, I still have a meeting with my psychologist. You have to show that you learned from the experiences“, He assured in 2020 in an interview with TUDN.

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