Heroes without capes do exist, he saved a girl from dying in a fire

Bad and good people exist in the world, but there are more of us who always have the intention of contributing something good to society. This is the story of a person who risked his life to save that of a girl in a forest fire.

This is Kingsley Uchenna, a young man who has a movie story and shared on his official Facebook account that he is a survivor of a fire and showed his face with the scars caused by the fire.

“I know you’re wondering why my face looks like this, well I was involved in a fire accident while trying to save my neighbor’s little daughter from being burned in a wildfire. She was only 4 years old, I was the only one at home who could save her at that time. I would never have been at peace with myself if I had allowed something bad to happen to her knowing full well that it could save her life and I didn’t. Well, I’m glad I did and today I’m at peace with my conscience. Today is my birthday, so I celebrate life. I thank God for my life and I am happy to continue being among the living. God bless you because you wish me the best,” reads the publication of Kings Uchenna which is accompanied by a photograph.

Kingsley Uchenna is described on his Facebook profile as a tour guide, brand promoter, content creator, blogger, and Social Media manager. He is without a doubt a wonderful being, brave, talented, and noble at heart.

His publication where he narrates the fact that literally left him marked already has thousands of reactions and more than 50 thousand comments. Among them, the following is read:

“We thank God for his life. Please do we have a doctor on this platform who can confirm that his case can still be handled with plastic surgery to get his face back? If possible, can someone start a rescue initiative by donating to help him? Just thinking.”

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“Now you are a true hero. Not much stronger than being at peace with your own conscience. I hope your strength is contagious”, was also posted, among many more.