“He’s a monster”: Neighbor leaves student brain dead, asked him to put a muzzle on the dog

Bogotá, Colombia.- A psychology student ended up brain dead after being attacked with a screwdriverHe had asked his neighbor to put a dog muzzle on him and the man ended up stabbing him.

The events were recorded on December 25 in Suba Rincón, northwest of Bogotá in Colombia, when Jonathan Alexánder Tacuma, a 27-year-old psychology student asked his neighbor to give him a muzzle your dog, which caused the man to attack him with a screwdriver.

The student suffered stab wounds in various parts of his body, such as arms and sides, he also lost some teeth and his skull was pierced by the weapon causing severe trauma.

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“He has a very severe cranioencephalic trauma, he suffered many stabs from this monster all over his body, from the sides, in the arms, he pulled out his teeth, he has stab wounds in the head (…) With a stabbing weapon that goes through his brain” Luz Janeth Sánchez, the young man’s mother, told Noticias Caracol.

Jonathan Alexander was diagnosed with brain death Due to the number of handfuls that pierced his skull, as the victim’s mother explained through tears, “yesterday the doctor spoke to us and told us that no miracle could save him or stop him from that bed, because it was both the trauma and the amount of stab wounds he received from this subject, that his brain collapsed. “

Luz Janeth Sánchez called on the Prosecutor’s Office to arrest the man who attacked her son, and that he is still at large, “he is an aggressive, intolerant person, he is a monster, a danger to society,” he said.

For her part, the brain-dead young man’s sister, Xiomara Rubiano, stated that the man who attacked the student was well known in the area for being violent and threatening people for no reason, “even I became a victim of these verbal assaults, “he added.

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He explained that the authorities’ response to what happened is only limited to saying that they are in “judicial vacancy” and that it will not be possible to solve what happened at the moment since “we have to wait for them to return.”

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