High cholesterol: a tablespoon of whole grain mustard daily reduces disturbances

According to a recent study, consuming one teaspoon of whole grain mustard a day is a wonderful ally for achieving healthy cholesterol levels and lowering the risk of heart disease. It is also a very versatile and delicious ingredient.

By now we all know that high cholesterol it is a condition that precedes a long list of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions. Based on this, in recent months much has been said about the importance of following quality nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, in such a way that all kinds of dietary recommendations have come to light. Much has been said about the foods best to avoid and those that act as natural cholesterol regulators. Recently a new study showed that whole grain mustard is a great ally, specifically: Researchers discovered that adding a teaspoon of mustard a day can help to achieve a healthy blood cholesterol level. They also found it to be a good addition to lowering blood glucose.

The research work was presented at the European Federation for Food Science and Technology and was spearheaded by Tracklements in association with Cardiff Metropolitan University. The results showed that 86% of study participants saw a significant drop in both blood glucose and cholesterol over a 12 week period. According to experts, this is a great and important finding for creating new dietary strategies based on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

When discussing the benefits of whole mustard on cholesterol, the research identified that 64% of the volunteers saw a drop in their blood cholesterol levels over the 12 weeks and an average 10% decrease in blood cholesterol levels in the entire sample group. According to scientists, consumption of whole grain mustard indicates a promising downward trend for those with a increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and vascular dementia. In addition, it was shown to be the same type of cholesterol reduction that is seen when following a low-fat diet.

Best of all, its heart health benefits aren’t the only reason to consume this delicious seasoning. The rThe medicinal reputation of mustard seeds dates back to Biblical times.The truth is that it has been used as a natural remedy and as a condiment to enliven meals throughout history. In fact, there are references to it in Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman texts.

Interestingly, mustard belongs to the cabbage family (Brassica), which are a group of foods that shine for their anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Also in just two tablespoons (4 grams of mustard) we will find other essential nutrients that benefit health:

  • 15% of the recommended daily selenium: This mineral has a prominent role as an antioxidant, since it allows the activation of a molecule in the body (glutathione peroxidase) that is responsible for neutralizing free radicals.
  • 11.54% of the amino acid cysteine: it is one of the twenty amino acids that cells use to synthesize proteins. Cysteine ​​is a nonessential amino acid, with sulfur.
  • 6.2% of essential omega-3 fatty acids: These are key nutrients to regulate the nervous system and are extremely important for the correct visual development of the fetus and in infancy. During pregnancy and lactation it has a fundamental role in the formation of neurons, and it is also very important in visual development. In addition, they are substances with great anti-inflammatory effects and that is why they are a great ally to treat autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, since they reduce the production of inflammatory prostaglandins. They also protect brain health.
  • 5% of manganese: It acts as a cofactor for some enzymes in the body, such as those responsible for the cellular metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids. It is also part of the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) with an antioxidant function.

Best of all, mustard is an extremely versatile and affordable ingredient. It is very easy to integrate it into the daily diet, it goes wonderfully in the preparation of homemade dressings, in ceviches, marinades and all kinds of sandwiches. Bet on choosing low sodium versions and enjoy its wonderful benefits by filling your daily dishes with flavor.