High Cholesterol: Everyday Drinks That Increase It Without You Realizing

Specific studies have shown that drinking more than 12 ounces of sugary beverages a day can also lower HDL levels and increase triglyceride levels, or fat levels in the bloodstream.

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By now we all know that high cholesterol is one of the conditions that most deteriorates cardiovascular health. In addition, everything has been said about its direct relationship with lifestyle and type of diet. Although it is a necessary substance for the proper functioning of the body: It is involved in the production of hormones, vitamin C and other essential substances. There are foods that, due to their composition, increase the levels of “LDL” (also known as bad) cholesterol in the blood. Within the main food groups are foods rich in saturated fats such as cold cuts, processed and red meats, cheeses, seafood, processed foods such as industrial pastries, sweets, desserts, sauces and all kinds of prepared meals. However, one category that we tend to go unnoticed and that is very important to pay attention to is drinks. Based on this, we took on the task of selecting some of the most consumed and popular everyday drinks that are active triggers for high cholesterol You probably didn’t know!

According to specialists, the first group of drinks that put cholesterol at risk: They are the sweetened ones. The reality is that there are all kinds of negative aspects around these drinks, which are highly processed and rich in calories, and they also usually contain numerous preservatives and additives. However, for obvious reasons, the most worrying thing is its content of added sugars that immediately alter cholesterol levels.

In fact, there are specific studies in which it has been shown that drinking more than 12 ounces of sugary drinks a day can also lower HDL levels and increase triglyceride levels, or fat levels in the bloodstream. Therefore it is essential to avoid the consumption of:

– Fruit juice
– Sports and energy drinks
– Refreshments
– Sweetened coffees or teas
– Hot chocolate
– Prepackaged smoothies and liquid chocolates or sugary dairy products

It is also very important be especially careful with drinks that stand out for their saturated fat content, as is the case with the following options:

– Coffees or teas with added cream, whipped cream, high-fat milk or cream

– Drinks or shakes containing coconut or palm oil

– Pressed coconut drinks

– Ice cream-based drinks

– High-fat dairy products

Also, a good recommendation is bet on the consumption of natural drinks rich in antioxidants, which benefit the regulation of cholesterol and promote the increase in HDL known as good cholesterol. Among the best recommendations are green tea, soy milk, oatmeal drinks, tomato juice, berry smoothies, drinks made with cocoa and yogurt.

Too it is just as important to take care of your diet and carry out daily physical activity. It is key to avoid the consumption of foods high in saturated fat and sugar, integrate a large intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats in moderation, nuts in moderation, vegetable oils, dairy products without fat or low in fat. Additionally, it is important to increase your fiber intake, quit smoking, maintain a healthy body weight, and stay hydrated.

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