High-ranking African cardinal in the Vatican abruptly resigns

The African Cardinal Peter Turkson, whom many considered a great candidate to become the first African pope in 1,500 years, suddenly offered his resigns from his post at the Vatican, as revealed by some sources.

The 73-year-old Turkson served as Pope Francis’ key adviser when it came to issues such as climate change and social justice. He is the only African who currently heads a Vatican department.

According to some sources from the Holy See, who decided to remain anonymous, the cardinal’s resignation is not yet official, because although he abruptly submitted his resignation letter the pope has yet to decide whether to accept it or not, so currently the cardinal continues to carry out his post as usual in Vatican City.

African cardinal is in charge of a Vatican department

The cardinal unexpectedly resigned The cardinal is an advisor to Pope Francis

Cardinal Turkson is currently in charge of a Vatican department called the Dicastery for Integral Human Development. This department was created in 2016 with the aim of merging four offices that dealt with issues such as peace, justice, migration and charities.

Turko is two years away from the mandatory retirement age (75 years) for bishops, but he would have offered his resignation because he had “had enough” of internal disputes, the sources revealed.

If the cardinal’s resignation is accepted then this I would leave the Vatican without an African at the head of a department important, like the one he coordinates.

It is important to note that years ago the Catholic Church had popes of North African origin, but in the last 1,500 years this has not happened again. If Turkson leaves his post in the Vatican, he could still be eligible (up to age 80) to enter a conclave of cardinals to elect the next pope, after Francis dies or retires.

What is the Vatican and what is its role?

The cardinal is an advisor to Pope Francis

Vatican City is the smallest state in the world, it has 800 citizens who do not pay taxes, 130 police officers of its own apart from the Swiss Guard and a single judge.

Is the only one absolutist monarchy of the world whose leader is elected by suffrage. Cardinals under 80 years old vote. The Pope concentrates the executive, legislative and judicial powers

It is funded by contributions from Catholics around the world, tourism and the sale of publications. Currently the “king” of the Vatican is Pope Francis, who must determine whether or not to accept the resignation of the African cardinal, Peter Turkson.

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