Highly disabled woman left in a towed car for nine days in frigid weather

Disabled woman was found alive inside a towed car.

Photo: ODD ANDERSEN/Getty Images

A 28-year-old woman, whose name the police kept anonymous, with a high degree of disability was abandoned inside a towed car in Washington DC in life-threatening temperatures for nine days.

Through a press release, the police announced that the victim’s sister called the Kent Police Department on February 14 to report that her sister, whom she described as “severely disabled,” had not been seen since the beginning of the month.

In the same release, it was reported that the researchers found that The disabled woman was last seen on February 5 when her 45-year-old mother he parked his car at a gas station in Kent, got out of the car and left without his daughter.

At the request of the gas station, the car was towed through a private companynot realizing what was inside.

Police contacted the company that towed the car and were asked to check the interior; to the surprise of the employees, they found the woman inside.

“We sent one of our drivers out, he opened the car and had to search it. She was lying in the back seat and she had a lot of clothes and things on her“, said Bonifacio Pauza of the company Skyway Towing in Burien.

She had been inside the car for nine days alone in the tow yard during near freezing weather,” the Kent Police Department said.

Immediately medical help was requested for the disabled who was in serious condition and was taken to a local hospital for care.

The Kent Police Department he said he felt satisfied for having saved a lifeHowever, he did not give details about the crimes committed by the disabled woman’s mother.

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