Hilary Duff is “vulnerable and powerful” in her nude for Women’s Health magazine

Hilary Duff.

Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images

With a heart attack figure and a smile on her face, the protagonist of “How I Met Your Father”, Hilary Duff, appears as God brought her into the world on the May/June cover of Women’s Health magazine, where she reveals that today more than ever she loves her body. Here we tell you the details!

The 34-year-old former Disney star said she was freed from unrealistic ideals about her body. “I am at a time when I am at peace with the changes that my body has had“, specified the famous.

In her interview, Hilary Duff noted that while it took a long time, he has learned to love and respect himself despite the criticism he has been the target of being a public figure.

“I think at 34 I have gained a lot of respect for my body. He has taken me everywhere I have had to go. It helped me create a beautiful family. I feel like the older I am, the more confident I am.“, he pointed out.

“And my body has come in all different shapes and sizes and really I am fascinated simply by, first, being a woman, and second, by all the changes that your body can go through throughout your life,” she said after being questioned about her motherhood.

Likewise, Duff attributed her security and self-esteem to therapy: “Like everyone else, I have my issues, my insecurities and pain“, he pointed. “Therapy is very helpful. I try to Zoom in with my therapist at least twice a month, if not more if I need to,” she added.

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