“His attitude is unpresentable”: strong criticism against Bale in Madrid after playing for Wales

Gareth Bale with Wales.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

Despite lose about two months with Real Madrid due to an alleged injury, the Welsh winger Gareth Bale played the 100th game for his national team, of which he is also captain. This act has been considered an insult in the Spanish capital where criticism rains against the footballer.

The “Expreso de Galés” (nickname earned in his best moments with Madrid) played the first half of the match of the European qualifiers to the Qatar World Cup 2022 with Welsh, who clearly beat Belarus 5-1 and is approaching the World Cup dream.

Gareth’s performance was beyond remarkable. He kicked a corner that was not well handled by the rival defense and Ben Davies took advantage of the rejection that in the second instance after the goalkeeper’s rejection was taken to the net by Aaron Ramsey.

Bale also intervened in the second goal: he gave the ball to Neco Williams who made room to score the second goal for Wales, who was placid and safe on the field.

The also forward I didn’t see minutes since September 8, and despite Real Madrid‘s reluctance to play in the absence of full recovery from his physical ailment (he was in rehabilitation), coach Robert Page called him up and lined holder.

Shot shot in Madrid

To be the player who earns the most in the squad, Gareth Bale has not performed at an expected level in the last three seasons, when on some occasion it was stated that he would be the heir to Cristiano Ronaldo after his departure.

“His attitude is unpresentable for being the highest paid in Real Madrid. On June 30, a weight is lifted from their shoulders. It is a bad example in the dressing room “

Antonio Romero, Spanish journalist

The communicator of the Spanish Cadena Ser also called for someone inside the white institution to speak with him and “sing them forty” about how his commitment to the team that pays him an onerous amount, unlike his colleagues, should be.

“He is messing around (making fun of) the shield he defends,” Romero sentence

Less severe criticism expressed Miguel Martín Talavera, who considers that if a club says that its player is injured, UEFA must intervene so that he is not called up by his team.

Miguel Martín Talavera: “I think that if a player is injured and is out with his team, UEFA should change something there. The biggest misfortune is that he has injured himself again ”.

Galés notified Real Madrid that Bale would play as a starter shortly before the game, and they said it would be “60 minutes maximum”, revealed the Central Defense media.

They also add that although Ancelotti in public indicated that it could be positive for Bale to see minutes with his team, in private he expressed that “he should not have traveled” since he was lacking in rhythm and with his muscle ailment still latent, he was missing a couple of workouts.

Could leave in winter

Before him high salary that Bale receives (more than 30 million euros per year) and with the narrow portfolio to hire that Florentino Pérez has, from the board they would not see with bad eyes in release the player from his contract in the winter market, considering that the bond expires at the end of this season,

The Spanish media OkDiario revealed that the Real Madrid entity is seriously studying dissociation from the Welshman, prior agreement with the player, and thus he can call on the club that is without worrying about the termination clause.

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