“His canita al aire”: José Joel assures that Sara Salazar was unfaithful to José José several times

“His canita al aire”: José Joel assures that Sara Salazar was unfaithful to José José several times

During the tribute held a few days ago to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of Jose jose, one of his former collaborators uncovered an alleged infidelity of Sara Salazar, and although until that moment it was only a rumor, now it is José Joel who confirms that his father was tricked repeatedly.

Jose Joel, eldest son of the “Prince of the Song”, coincides with the version exposed last weekend by Cuauhtémoc Sánchez, and surprised when revealing that he had been aware of the story for a long time. Extramarital affair that Sara Salazar maintained with one of his drivers.

“Did you hardly find out? Yes, unfortunately yes, that is, I was not there, but there was a lot of rumor, both Cuauhtémoc and Laurita (Núñez) at the time followed the woman when she was doing her extramarital situations with the driver who was driving her ”.

And although they have no evidence to confirm that there was such a deception, the strong accusations against Sara Sosa’s mother they continue, since everything indicates that it was not just one, but several occasions that deceived the interpreter of “El triste” and “La nave el oblivo”.

“But honestly, we don’t have a name, or a photo, but yes, two or three times, unfortunately today it is known that within all that this lady did, she also saw a way to throw her little hair in the air.”

José Joel confesses that he never discussed these issues with his father out of respect, but now that he and his family have witnessed the actions of his half-sister and her mother, he confesses that nothing surprises him anymore:

“It is not about speaking ill of the lady, but after all that Sara is known for, well of course he was capable of that and many other things that are on the table“He added Jose Joel.

Finally, he assured Brenice Ortiz’s camera that Sara Salazar’s infidelity was an open secret, and there were many people who were seeing the situation, but nothing was said at the public level because of the type of international figure that her father was.

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