his return to Univision went better

  • On their return to Univision they send a message to Don Francisco
  • Recognized for being the host of Sábado Gigante for more than 5 decades
  • “When are they going to get Don Francisco’s clothes out in the sun?”

Don Francisco rags in the sun. The return to Univision of the Chilean presenter, better known as Don Francisco, was one of the most anticipated by the Hispanic public, since the host knew how to win the hearts of viewers after spending more than 5 decades on the Sábado Gigante program.


On this occasion, through the Instagram account of the morning program Despierta América, a show in which the Chilean appears and that has so enchanted the Internet users, they shared an image of the entire cast. There were those who were desperate not to know anything controversial about Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld known as Don Francisco.

The return of Don Francisco to Univisión

Don Francisco cloths in the sun

It should be remembered that several years ago Mario Kreutzberger, the presenter’s real name, was accused by the Mexican model Ana Isabel Gómez of having sexually harassed her, although it is said that they reached an economic settlement. Years later, more accusations of abuse of power, and harassment, would be present.

It was last May when the announcer Javier Romero welcomed Don Francisco in the Despierta América program, just as he did for 25 years on Sábado Gigante. To announce his return to the Hispanic television network that received him with open arms.

Don Francisco cloths in the sun: They ask that the cloths be dried in the sun

The post of the morning show where the Chilean conductor is now, you can see the entire cast posing for the photograph, right in the middle is Don Francisco. Internet users immediately did not let the moment pass to leave their comments on the publication.

Reminding people of the attack that occurred in New York on September 11, 2001, where the Twin Towers fell, they mentioned the characters who made this memory. But the controversy was generated when a follower comments that he wants some controversy with the Chilean: “When are the rags going to take Don Francisco out in the sun?”

Don Francisco cloths in the sun: “How big this is”

Compliments and compliments were present where many Internet users commented on how good the Chilean presenter looks: “What a pleasure to see you meet, beautiful moments and divine television with you, thank you”, “How the years have passed”, “What an excellent group of journalists, they really are the pillars of Hispanic journalism. I was glad to see them “

“DON FRANCISCO THAT’S GREAT … God bless you”, “Rain of blessings for those great stars”, “The best of the best loved the program”, “I loved watching your program on Saturdays, time does not stop”, “Greetings to Neida to María Don Francisco Fernando to everyone in general.

Don Francisco Traps in the Sun: The Chilean Presenter

Don Francisco video prohibited Peru 4

Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, known worldwide as “Don Francisco”, is a television host born in Talca, Chile, on December 28, 1940. His parents were Erich Kreutzberger and Annie Blumenfeld, two young Jews who, fleeing the Second War Worldwide, they had emigrated from Germany to settle in Chile.

His great charisma and distinctive voice led him to enter as an event animator, which would mean the beginning of a long and important career as a television presenter both in his country and in the United States. At the beginning of his career as an event entertainer, he dedicated himself to telling jokes, for which he created a character called “Don Francisco”, a name that he took up when he entered Chilean television.

Don Francisco cloths in the sun: A great fortune from the television host


The fortune of the conductor causes enormous curiosity, especially after having stolen the affection of the viewers with his famous program Sábado Gigante. Although since the show came to an end in 2015, some questions remained on the air: How much money did the Chilean presenter have left? Will it have ended up in bankruptcy?

The famous television host is actually named Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfel; But as a young man, when he told jokes for his community, he created a character who ended up accompanying him until his beginnings on television and who baptized him in the eyes of all his followers as Don Francisco.

Don Francisco cloths in the sun: $ 200 million dollars


The presenter is a renowned television presenter who was born in Chile. The program Sábado Gigante was the one that catapulted him to international fame and it is that he ended up invading the homes of millions of Hispanics every Saturday with his charisma, and also being one of the most beloved.

Beginnings on television


The Chilean’s life passed between his desire to venture into television and his passion for business. During a stay in the United States to hone his skills in costume cutting and making, the presenter decided that his real career was on television.

In order to achieve his goal of being hired by Chilean television, which at that time had barely started broadcasting, he decided to achieve the feat with a different technique: after locating where the offices were located, the executive director of Chilean television, he waited on the outskirts of the enclosure for a year with the firm hope that it would give him an opportunity, which finally happened in 1962. Filed under: Don Francisco Trapitos al sol

The great charism of Don Francisco


His first participation in a television program proved the presenter’s sudden success: after a month of broadcasts, the network decided to fire him; however, the public demanded his return to the screens and he was rehired. Thus, the variety show Sábados Gigantes was born.

He has stood out for his great resilience, since despite not having the university studies that support a journalistic career, the presenter took the initiative from very early in his career to hire professional scriptwriters and journalists to advise him to please his audience . Filed Under: Don Francisco Rags in the Sun

Giant Saturday Program


During the 1970s and 1980s, the program “Sábados Gigantes” accompanied the afternoons of a good part of the Chilean population; His success was so great that he began to explore the possibility of transcending Chilean borders and positioning himself as a variety show host in the United States, taking advantage of the fame that the program “Noche de Gigantes” had given him, the night version of his Saturday show.

Thus, in 1986 he received his first opportunity as a host in the United States for the channel that is now known as Univisión, with the characteristic that it still kept its original program in Chile, a situation that forced him to move between the two countries for several years. Filed Under: Don Francisco Rags in the Sun

Most loved by Hispanics


For 29 years, he delighted the Hispanic community in the United States with the program “Sábado Gigante”, which came to an end on September 19, 2015. Between 2016 and 2018 he conducted two programs: “Don Francisco invites you” and “¿Qué says the public? ”, which finally ended in 2019.

He is the author of two autobiographies, and has published six record albums: Bailongo con Don Francisco, Celebremos con bailongos, Tropilé, El Pachi-Pachi and My giant tribute to northern music; The peculiarity of these productions has been that the money raised by them has been destined to charitable causes. Filed Under: Don Francisco Rags in the Sun

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