Hispanic 14-year-old is shot by mistake when leaving laundry in Maryland

The city police suspect that his target was inside the business.

Photo: KoalaParkLaundromat / Pixabay

A young man of Guatemalan origin was hit by bullets from a shooting, after leaving a laundromat in Riverdale, Maryland. He survived and is recovering thanks to the quick response of community members who helped him.

Prince George’s County police say two suspects fired more than 30 times before from 6:30 pm on Tuesday, June 21, to a laundry located on Avenida 66 in the city.

Police Chief Malik Aziz He said in a joint conference with County Executive Angela Alsobrooks that they suspect there may have been someone inside the premises targeted by the attack.

“We believe that there was an individual here who may have been attacked,” he said.

The WUSA9 news program indicates that, according to witnesses, the presumed objective was not achieved, but the youngest who had just finished washing clothes with his mother, received an impact on each of his legs, as he walked to the family vehicle, his younger brothers were inside the car.

They don’t deserve to see this happen to themThey don’t deserve to see this happen to their children,” exclaimed John López, who called 911, after the mother of the injured teenager ran to the supermarket next door asking for help.

“I knew we had clean rags, I just went out and knelt next to him, trying to make sure he didn’t move too much. and I applied as much pressure as I could on his legs without causing too much damage, until the medical services arrived,” explained López, whose family owns the laundry.

The victim’s parents, who are originally from Guatemala, remained in contact with the López family and informed them that the teen had been transported to a Baltimore medical facility to undergo surgery on one of his legs and is expected to make a full recovery.

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