Hispanic insults Mexican nopales TikTok and unleashes outrage (VIDEO)

  • Hispanic insults Mexicans for eating nopales on TikTok
  • A video went viral after a Hispanic went to the jugular to the Mexicans
  • At his words he earned insults and criticism

Guatemalan? Salvadoran? A Hispanic man insults Mexicans for eating nopales and the recording went viral on TikTok that ended up generating a lot of controversy and criticism and insults for his person before the way the inhabitants of the Aztec country express themselves.

Through the digital portal of Tv Azteca, the news of a viral video was released on TikTok where some nopales are appreciated while the user called ‘Mi Chuy Aquino’ superimposes some emoticons laughing in a clear tone of mockery because Mexicans’ are what the only thing they consume ‘, according to his words.

Hispanic insults Mexicans in TikTok video with nopales

Hispanic insults Mexicans for eating nopales TikTok
TikTok: My Chuy Aquino

The user named ‘Mi Chuy Aquino’, has several videos on TikTok showing off watches, or making criticisms or even dancing, however, it is not known from which Latin country he is, because while many say he is from Guatemala, others say that They come from El Salvador, however the accent does not make it clear.

To his bad fortune, the controversial Hispanic insults Mexicans for eating nopales and on TikTok, his video about it became the center of the controversy, unleashing countless negative criticisms and insults by inhabitants of the Aztec country who challenged him while other people asked. apologies on your behalf.

Nopales, TikTok, Hispanic insults Mexicans = controversy

Hispanic insults Mexicans for eating nopales
TikTok: My Chuy Aquino

“There is the food of the put … Mexicans, go haha, these pin … Mexicans what the nopales eat with the thorns, sons of pu … they look like horses, cows, pigs, pigs”, the TikTok user ‘Mi Chuy Aquino ‘while in a kind of abandoned land, records some nopales and superimposes emoticons laughing in a mocking tone.

The video has more than 300 thousand reproductions at the time of writing this note, with 2,200 ‘likes’ and more than 3,500 comments, of which of course the majority are from Mexicans furious at the insults received, however, the user responsible for the video, it was worse …

Hispanic insults Mexicans for eating nopales and on TikTok they end it with insults

Mexican insults by TikTok nopales
TikTok: My Chuy Aquino

The comments against the Hispanic who insults Mexicans for eating nopales on TikTok, appeared: “You would like to be Mexican and know what food is”, “Poor dog does not know what he says”, “Oh wey do not mess with Mexicans, one day it will be offered to you ”,“ For something Mexican food was recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity ”.

And the criticisms were just beginning: “At least we have to eat, sorry”, “Poor little mind, you have to talk about Mexicans so that they take it into account”, “He wants followers, typical of these people always needing Mexico to be taken into account “,” I would like to know what you eat, because if you do not know how to eat nopales it is one of the healthiest “,” My friend, Mexico is respected, compa, “they wrote.

It was not enough and the Hispanic who insults Mexicans for eating nopales, recorded another video in derision

Hispanic is called Chuy Aquino

For this video, the Hispanic who insults Mexicans for cactus on TikTok, received a comment that said: “I told you and I warned you, once again, keep doing it, I’ll show you what a Mexican media can do to you. and I am Mexican and America ”, to which the man replied in a mocking tone and laughing:

“Well, eat shit … pin … clown, eat shit … you like me to step on you, you son of a bitch … mother, clown without clothes, you’re killing me with laughter …”, the Hispanic man, who apparently is neither more nor less than a neighbor, commented laughing. from Mexico, that is, originally from Guatemala. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE HISPANIC WHO INSULATES MEXICANS IN TIKTOK NOPALES

Many insult videos go viral on TikTok

Hispanic insults Mexicans eating nopales TikTok

Unpleasant moment lived some young women! A group of friends went to the beach a couple of days ago and what seemed like a common trip turned into an uncomfortable anecdote to tell. One of the young women recorded the moment when a man approaches the group of friends and begins to complain about the swimsuits they are wearing, they defend themselves by arguing that he leave.

The discussion was prolonged due to the insistent way in which the subject asks that they cover their bodies and that they stop showing ‘their things’. The friends start laughing, although they were more than shocked by the way that person was treating them; Suddenly it was not only the man, but his ‘fiancée’ came to defend the subject’s thought; and what seemed to be one more anecdote on TikTok turned into dimes and diretes by both parties.

Man attacks young TikTok: The controversial video on TikTok

Man attacks young TikTok: The controversial video on TikTok
Photo: TikTok

A young woman named Mia posted an experience she had on a trip with her friends to her TikTok account. In this clip, the problem that happened on the beach is glimpsed and what seemed like a direct attack by a man, who asked them to cover their ‘bodies’ due to the bikini that they all wore.

“Part 1 #acoso #feminismo # Fuck you”, reads the description of the video. In recent days it has been highly debated by TikTok users, who point out that if the man were in Europe he would be outraged at the views that anyone is on nude beaches and others mention that she should have called the police. Filed Under: Man Lashes Young TikTok

Man lashes out at young TikTok: “They shouldn’t watch pornography”

Young man lashes out at TikTok: "They shouldn
Photo: TikTok

In the first part of the video, the young women are shown on the beach and in front of them is a subject between 30 and 35 years old. He is arguing with the girls, mentioning to them that they should cover their bodies (which were clad in bikinis) as it was practically pornography for children running on the beach.

“Take young boys into consideration, they don’t need to watch pornography,” the man pointed out, while one of the girls started laughing and telling him that he was ‘crazy’. Mia, the young woman who is recording the video, responded by mentioning: “I’m on the beach and it is my right to be able to dress however I want.” To which he tries to debate. Filed Under: Hispanic Insults Mexican Nopales TikTok

Young man lashes out at TikTok: “Go away, please”

Young man lashes out: "Go away, please"
Photo: TikTok

The discussion was leveling up and the man kept repeating that they put on other types of garments. The group of friends, who were already tired of the situation, attacked the subject, pointing out that he “had no right” to tell them how to dress and that he will leave that place if it bothers him so much to see them dressed in that way.

“Go away, please!” Mia is heard saying in the video. “If you don’t like it, close your eyes or leave.” The young woman said again, focusing the camera on the man, who was wearing a sleeveless shirt that reveals most of the man’s tattoos and shorts. He teased them again, mentioning that they should be more covered. Filed Under: Hispanic Insults Mexican Nopales TikTok

Man attacks young TikTok: “We are 18”

Young man lashes out: "We are 18"
Photo: TikTok

He argued again about clothing, telling them that their bodies must be sacred enough for them to be ‘on display’, and that they were too young to wear such garments. They began to laugh, refusing to follow the man’s request and arguing that they were old enough to know what to wear.

“We are 18, leave us alone”, mentioned the young women who could not stop laughing at the words that the man responded. He mentioned that God did not approve of such behavior in them and that they should be more respectful; obviously the girls were taking the subject’s attitude against them as a personal attack. Filed Under: Hispanic Insults Mexican Nopales TikTok

Man Lashes Out Young TikTok: They’re Walking Their ‘Stuff’

Young man lashes out: They are walking their 'things'
Photo: TikTok

Logan Dorn, as the guy who is bothering the girls is called, said that they were attracting more attention, exhibiting their ‘things’ in a derogatory way referring to their body. The women became increasingly annoyed, again signaling him to leave the place and stop bothering them.

“They’re walking around their ‘things,’” replied Logan Dorn, the guy who was lashing out at the girls. He pointed to their bodies as if they were completely naked. The girls once again respond to the comment scathingly. “Well if you don’t like it, don’t look at me.” Mia replied. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE Filed Under: Hispanic Insults Mexican Nopales TikTok