Hispanic man arrested outside McDonalds with $350,000 in drugs

Cristhian Lazo Galindo was arrested with drugs in a McDonald’s box.

Photo: @ksatnews/ Bexar County Sheriff’s Office / Courtesy

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA for its acronym in English) and the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), Texas, seized more than 15 pounds of methamphetamine that they were in a vehicle owned by a Hispanic man that was parked at a restaurant McDonald’s. The drug is worth approximately $350,000.

Cristhian Lazo Galindo was arrested with drugs in a McDonald’s box.

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According to reports from the Bexar County Sheriff’s OfficeThe detainee was identified as Cristhian Lazo Galindo, 32, who hid the methamphetamine in a McDonald’s cardboard box for hamburgers, which was found in his car.

Lazo Galindo is already in the Bexar County prison, where he will have to wait to be transferred to federal custody, accused of trying to distribute more than 15 pounds of methamphetamine.

By the way, the authorities suspect that this case could be related to the Mexican drug cartels because it was located in a border state between the United States and Mexico. The Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) They are the Mexican criminal organizations with the greatest presence in North American territory.

It should be noted that the US authorities reported that in less than a week drugs with an approximate value of almost one million dollars have been seized in that same state.

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