Hispanic wanted for parole escape arrested on the roof of an Irwindale restaurant

Hispanic Christopher Diaz-Reyes is being held at Twin Towers Prison.

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

A Hispanic man who was wanted for escaping parole and breaking and entering, was arrested this Sunday night in IrwindaleLos Angeles County city.

Christopher Diaz-Reyes, 31, was arrested by Irwindale police on the roof of a restaurant in this city.

According to the reports of the authorities, employees and customers of the restaurant notified the police that a person was running on the roof of the buildingin the 16000 block of Arrow Highway, near Irwindale Avenue.

The officers who answered the calls found the Hispanic on the roof of the business, where he was promptly arrested and charged with suspected trespassing and parole escapel.

Diaz-Reyes is detained at the Twin Towers jail facility no right to bail.

Irwindale police said the Hispanic man was unable to explain why he had climbed onto the roof of the restaurant in Irwindale.

The reports of the authorities They did not give details about the criminal past of Díaz-Reyes for which he was on parole.

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