Hispanic whose ex-husband killed her sister by mistake seeking to murder her describes the father of her children as “pure evil”

Amanda Canales, whose sister was mistakenly murdered in Washington state by a thug paid by her ex-husband, described her ex-partner as a man of “pure evil.”

Kevin Lewis, 34, He was sentenced to life in prison this week after being convicted of hiring his cousin Jerradon Phelps, then 18, to kill Amanda.

However, the hitman fatally shot Amanda’s sister, Alisha Canales-McGuire, 24..

Amanda was in New York on a business trip. However, Phelps was unaware of the above, and neither was the ex-husband.

The morning the crime was reported, in September 2017, Alisha was in the care of her three nephews at his sister’s house, when Phelps arrived accompanied by another of the convicts in the case, Alexis Hale, 16.

When Alisha opened the door, the gunman shot her five times, and fled the scene with Hale.

Lewis paid $ 2,400 to Phelps to kill the mother of his three children, without imagining that his ex-wife was not in the house.

Lewis was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison by Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Paul Thompson.

In November 2021, the jury of the case deliberated for about four hours and found Lewis guilty of first degree charges of conspiring to commit murder and aggravated murder with a firearm.

In the middle of the trial, Canales cataloged her ex-husband as “purely evil”.

Referring to the children they both procreated, the woman declared: “I thought you loved them, but someone who loves them would not subject them to danger and trauma.”

“Did it matter to you that if only I had been home that night, they would have woken up to find their mother dead, lying in a pool of blood?” Amanda questioned.

He added: “They are healing and moving forward despite all the damage you have caused. And in case you’re wondering, they don’t ask about you or talk about you at all. “

The man had his ex-wife killed in the middle of a lawsuit for custody of minors.

Phelps pleaded guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to 31 years in prison.

While Hale admitted guilt on the same charge and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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